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Cupidabo Mod v8.5.8 Unlimited Coins
FaceApp Mod v10.1.2 Premium Unlocked No Watermark
Fenix 2 for Twitter v2.17.3 Mod Paid
Folio v4.1.0 Mod Premium
Harpy for Twitter v0.8.4+3
Hashtags Manager for Followers v1.1.8 Mod Premium
Instander v15.4 Mod Many Feature
Janetter Pro for Twitter v1.15.3 Paid
Mood SMS v2.3e b1974 Mod Premium
Opera GX Gaming Browser v1.5.4 Mod More Optimized
Reddit v2022.8.0 Mod Premium
Repost for Instagram 2021 Save & Repost 2021 v3.6.6 Pro

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Social & Communication, Dating

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Cupidabo Mod v8.5.8 Unlimited Coins

This is the first free dating app for interesting, single, and beautiful people. Have you been looking for a free app to chat, hook up, and flirt with strangers? Cupidabo Apk is the app you’ve been looking for. Now you can chat with people in your area.

The app is a perfect place to get matched with your dream partner. This is because of the thousands of people that appear. You can rest assured that you’d get a perfect match from these people. Get connected with interesting people by installing this dating app.

What’s amazing about this app is that it provides a means for people to explore interesting communication. Users can also enjoy a new type of relationship with this app. Do you have what it takes to flirt and hook up with anyone? Download Cupidabo to find out.

Another amazing thing about the app is that you’d find whatever you are looking for in it. Whether it’s a friend you want or want to find love, Cupidabo will provide you with answers. Enter the dating world with this amazing app.

This app is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the game. Match with people, chat, and date them.

To start using this app, you’d need to fill in information about yourself. This will help to narrow down your options and rapidly provide a match for you. One of the important things to do is to upload your pictures before you start surfing. There are so many beautiful people out there, and all you need is a medium to get connected to them. You’d get this with Cupidabo.

When selecting a picture to use, it is important to select your best. This is because it is the first thing that people will see when they come across your profile. You don’t want other users to pass you all the time.

It is worth mentioning that to love a person, swipe right and left to pass a person. This app is not only amazing, but it is also easy to use and reliable. You can also know people who view your profile. Everything about the app works in your favor so that you can quickly find a perfect match.

Cupidabo Mod APK - Free Coins, Unlimited Money

Download the mod version of this app so that you can enjoy more enhanced features. Meeting your perfect match is faster with the mod apk compared to the original version.


FaceApp Mod v10.1.2 Premium Unlocked No Watermark


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is growing at a damn quick rate every day. Basically, A.I. means a simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Even a lot of android and iOS applications are using AI technologies nowadays like Cortana, Google Allo, Hound, Elsa, and much more. Moreover, numerous editing apps also started providing A.I. technologies for making editing and designing tasks damn easy. So today, in this article, we will talk about an image editing app which is using A.I. technologies at the max level. FaceApp is an application that is using A.I. technologies to change your face by turning your gender, changing your age, hair color, beard style, which can make you smile, be fat, thin, and will make you experience enormous features.

FaceApp is a brilliant photo editing application and is the best option for you if you’re using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. Most of the guys are using this application for creating impressive profile pictures by adjusting smiles, fatness, hairstyle, beard style, hair color, and much more. Whereas a lot of guys are using its gender changing and age enhancing tools for doing fun and executing friend’s funny pictures and enjoying. Fundamentally, FaceApp is the one, and only A.I. image editor on the Google Play Store and they’re literally working great on filters, personalization tools, color-changing, and its auto editing tools.

Apart from having that many exceptional features, there is just a single shortcoming in the FaceApp application that is for enjoying most of its unusual features you have to subscribe for a FaceApp Pro subscription. Primarily, this subscription costs 299.00 INR per month, 1599.00 INR per year, or 3990.00 INR for forever. But still few guys can’t afford to pay 299.00 INR per month only for changing hairstyles, beard style, and all those features. So for all our users, in this article, you will receive a download link for FaceApp Pro APK, which is a simple app that contains a Pro subscription of the Face App free of cost.

FaceApp Apk

FaceApp is a smart photo editing android application that is built with A.I. advanced technologies to provide you with one of the best face editing tools. FaceApp was released on 14 Feb 2017, on valentines day and also on that single day, this app completed thousands of app downloads with each active user and if we look at its charts right now, it has acquired over 100,000,000 downloads, and these numbers are growing day by day at a constant rate. You can instantly get an idea about its qualities just by taking a look at the user ratings that FaceApp is holding right now. FaceApp is carrying 4.7 * ratings on the google play store even after having 3 million+ reviews. Sounds Great.

FaceApp is one of the best photography apps on the Google Play Store since right now, it’s trending on #3 top-grossing apps. This application quickly became the most trustworthy photography application globally, with several users. Basically, this application can transform your face by using machine learning or neural networks to predict and apply changes in your face that you’re intending to make. Let’s come to its interface – this app holds a damn comfortable user interface that even a kid can easily edit photos and transform faces in minutes.

For using this application, at first, you just have to capture your image, or you can also take that from Google drive or your device file manager. Must snap a brighter or larger picture that your face can be viewed simply in it. After that, you’ll get a lot of tools inside which will help you in further editing. We’ve listed below all the tools with proper knowledge –

Impression – In this section, you can attach a lot of different impressions on the face. Basically, the impression means the type of appearance. So there is a vast collection of face types such as Hollywood, Kiss, Silk, Cute, Glance, and much more.

Smiles – In the Smile section, you can enhance the face smile and also make unsettled faces as per your desire. You will receive four types of smile edits as well as one upset variant.

Beards – Used for choosing beard style from a variety of exceptional beard styles such as Hipster, Goatee, and Mustache.

Gender – Used for changing the gender of the face and adjusting it.

Morphing section will help you in morphing or combining your face styles to celebrities and any other face you want.

Age option can be used to enhance or decrease the age.

Moreover, you’ll receive hair colors, hairstyles, and all the color and brightness adjustments like filters, contrast, saturation, Vignette, and much more.

FaceApp Pro APK

FaceApp Pro APK is the modified tale of the FaceApp official app. The main reason behind creating this application is to provide you with all the FaceApp pro features as well as a lot of additional features free of cost. The A.I. features inside the FaceApp Pro APK will help a young guy turn into a 60-year-old man, or a guy getting converted into a girl (gender conversion). FaceApp Pro acquists a tremendous amount of unusual features that you won’t even receive in a computer image editor. Since FaceAPP pro can edit your photo with next-level clearness so that no one can doubt it. Moreover, this app is much simple to use and has the same user interface as the FaceApp official app.


Basic Features

You can easily access all the pro tools available in the FaceApp that need to be paid by using the FaceApp Pro APK.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily enhance or decrease your age and also can make a lot of funny images in this way. Seeing the same face curvature in an old age filter is really a piece of fun.

Apart from age and face customization, FaceApp also consists of a vast collection of different filters that are entirely customizable. You can also make your filters just by combining few appropriate brightness, contrast, and hue adjustments.

You can also change your hairstyle from over five style customizations provided in the app interface. Moreover, you can also style your face beard inside the app.

One of the best features of the FaceApp is, you can remove the FaceApp watermark from the image without paying a single rupee. It’s a brilliant feature of the FaceApp since watermarks can reduce the professionalism in a photo.

FaceApp A.I. auto adjust tool can automatically fix all the personalizations for presenting the best version of that picture in front of you.

Additional Features

You will also receive a lot of sticker assets with free access in the FaceApp Pro APK. You can add tattoos on the skin or face.

One of the brilliant features of FaceApp is its smile adjustment tool. You can easily enhance a smile in a photo or can also edit the face upset damn comfortably. You will get a total of 5 varieties of smile customization.

Apart from using exceptional filters, you can also use its background feature and add an appropriate background to the face or the image. Must use this feature at least once, and it will blow your mind.

At last, we’ll discuss its makeup tool. Makeup tool is one of the most desired tools by most of the females from this app. Basically, the Makeup tool inside this app consists of over ten different customizations like Matte, Glossy, Dark, Bright, Dark Matte, and much more.


This article is entirely based on the detailed information, characteristics, and all the additional information about the FaceApp Pro APK. Primarily, FaceApp Pro APK is just a simple android application that can work in any android device over the version of Android 4.4. FaceApp Pro is the modified version of the Russian image editor app FaceApp. But in terms of features and the user interface, it can even compete with the official FaceApp app since this app is damn comfortable to use and can provide you with all the FaceApp Pro features free of cost. One of the best features of this application is, it works on advanced A.I. technology so that you’ll get all the latest updated tools that can transform your face in minutes.

Moreover, it’s the newest version of the FaceApp modified, so you don’t have to update it again. Also, this app is 100% trustworthy since our techie team had given it over ten tries, and it passed everyone damn quickly. So you don’t have to worry about any security or data loss issues. Your device’s security is our first priority.

Must download this app right now from the given link and probe each of the exceptional features at least once, you will definitely enjoy it. Still, if you’ve any concern then must ask them in the comment box given below. Enjoy it.

MOD info

• Watermark Removed

• Premium Features Unlocked

• All Filter Unlocked


Avast Secure Browser v6.6.2 Mod Premium

Avast Secure Browser is an application where users can access search sites quickly and not leave any information about themselves in the search process. This application is researched and developed by the leading cybersecurity experts at Avast. It will bring users a lot of exciting features to make the search process more convenient than ever. This application has very high security, so users should download and use it to protect their personal information.


Users will not come across any ads or followers appearing in this app. Because the application has blocked everything that hinders users or those who think they want to infringe on users’ personal information, the process of using it will become faster. Moreover, users are also entitled to use a private search engine so that all the information they have searched for can be kept confidential, and the search history is always deleted after searching for something else.


To increase the security of the information you are looking for, there is also a feature to unlock the application with a password or Pin code so that users can lend it to others without fear of revealing any information. At the same time, the application will also secure all user data such as IP addresses, bookmarks, and more to protect users from bad problems.


The interface of the Avast Secure Browser application is also the attraction of users because it is so beautiful. Users can also choose a dark mode for the application to suit their preferences. Not only that, but the application also provides users with a QR scanner and tools to protect against those who follow or steal other people’s information.

Avast Secure Browser application also has an exceptional new feature that is that users who participate in the promotion of the application safely will receive a beautiful reward. So what are you waiting for?



Badoo Dating. Chat. Meet. v5.258.0 Mod

Badoo - Dating. Chat. Meet. / Description

Badoo is the place to date with honest people ��

In a society that profits on our self-doubt Badoo is the place where it pays to be the real unapologetic you. We fight the ambiguity of modern dating with an authentic unfiltered conversation. We believe real connection is born from being honest in who you are and what you really want.

Start your dating journey today! Join the biggest online dating app in the world with millions of users who trust us.

How dating works on Badoo

Be clear in what you're looking for and who you'd like to find. Badoo is much more than other online dating apps we are a social network that allows you to match and find a partner or chat with people and find friends close to you.

�� People Nearby: Meet honest singles around you and start dating today!

�� Encounters: Straight forward swiping right for �� and left for ��‍♀️��‍♂️

�� Video Chat: Have fun connecting with your matches through face to face video calling ��

�� Verified profiles: You can choose to only interact with other verified profiles and find friends

�� Blur intimate photos: We automatically detect explicit photos sent through Badoo and warn users before they open them

�� Clips: Show your personality by recording your answers to fun and easy questions

�� Intentions: Let people know exactly what you're looking for and find the right connections

Get more matches becoming the centre of everyone's attention��

Badoo is a safe and online dating community composed of millions of singles ready to have a lovely conversation with you. Check out all our dating tools you can get separately:

�� Get more visits be seen by MILLIONS of singles around you

�� Multiply your match opportunities appearing more when people are swiping

�� Move to the TOP and get seen by more people around you

�� 3X your popularity by getting all PRO dating features and save credits

�� Get more messages telling everyone you’re online and ready to chat - who said it’s hard to find a date on dating apps? We make it easier to meet people nearby in the way that you want to meet them...

Unlock the most powerful dating tools with Badoo PREMIUM

Serious about dating honestly? Then activate Badoo Premium. You'll be able to access plenty of new exciting features that will help you get the most out of our app:

⭐️ Find out who added you to their favourites and meet singles around you.

⭐️ See who liked your profile. It's time to meet new people and find friends!

⭐️ Get your messages to read first you’re 7x more likely to get a reply and start dating early

⭐️ Meet new singles before anyone else new people are eager to chat and go on dates talk to them first with Premium.

⭐️ Get UNLIMITED filters save time by focusing on exactly what you’re looking for.

⭐️ Go invisible and check out profiles without revealing your identity.

⭐️ You can go back and get a second chance at a match!

The safest platform to chat and meet new people ��

Badoo is a platform that consistently ensures safety and respect within our community. We do not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behavior and have strict usage guidelines as well as an extensive list of safety features to ensure that you have the best dating experience with us.


Badoo is free to download and use. However we also offer an optional subscription package Badoo Premium. The price varies by country and may change without notice but you can always see the exact price in the app. Badoo Premium is flexible and adapts to your needs - you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What's New in v5.258.0 (Mod)

- Daily accrual of 75 free bonuses

Ads removed

credit Must Have



Fenix 2 for Twitter v2.17.3 Mod Paid

Fenix 2 for Twitter / Description

Fenix brings you a fresh and modern Twitter experience!

Tired of the same old Twitter apps? Give Fenix a try and you won't go back!

✓ Support for multiple accounts

✓ Fully customisable main screen where your lists and saved searches can be just a swipe away

✓ Beautiful images and videos previews with support for external websites like YouTube Instagram Vine and Flickr

✓ Gorgeous conversations layout

✓ Mute system for noisy or unwanted users hashtags or keywords

✓ Choose from a selection of beautiful light or dark themes

✓ And a lot more...

What's New in v2.17.3 (Mod)

- Mod Info:

● No LP & Google Play Modded Needed.

● Analytics / Crashlytics Removed / Disabled.

● Removed Debug Information (Source, Line, Param, Prologue, Local).

● Total Apk Size 8.35 Mb.

Version 2.17.3:

# Fixed quick share shortcut in share dialog

# Fixed background sync

Version 2.17.2:

- You can now see who liked a particular tweet

# Fixed mute filters not working correctly in some cases

# Fixed background sync

Version 2.16.1:

- You can now add a description (alt text) to images while composing a new tweet.

- Added new option to follow the device night mode, where available.

# Minor bug fixes

Version 2.16:

- Added an easier way to read very long threads


Folio v4.1.0 Mod Premium

Folio will be a reliable choice in the future for you in the category of famous social networks. Direct confrontation with famous social networks storming the international market such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… This application is still a favorite choice of many users. With outstanding features, in line with the times, it will certainly not be long before it covers the whole world.


The criterion that makes Folio extremely popular is its storage capacity. Although the features of this application are not inferior to any other social network, its storage capacity on the device is only 11M. This helps the application to existing on any device, even very old devices.


Like other social networks, the application allows you to read or post the necessary information anytime, anywhere. The information sources on the application are carefully screened, ensuring you minimize spam.


Not only the information, but the application also supports storing and uploading images and videos. The uploaded images are of good quality, making them easy for users to view or download. With just one click, you can download any image or video you love.


A popular application like Facebook also requires you to download Messenger to support messaging. However, this application completely integrates all those tools within itself. So to get in touch with any of your friends who are also using the app, you can simply use Folio directly without downloading any other apps.


The functions on the application are minimized; this allows users to limit the working capacity of the phone, thereby saving battery life and increasing battery life.


To help protect your eyes better, the application provides an additional night mode, which lowers the screen light and changes the interface color of the application, helping you reduce eye strain when looking.


In addition to the device’s default password, the app continues to offer another layer of numerical security, requiring you to verify your identity before accessing the app. Of course, you can also remove this security function if you find it annoying.



Harpy for Twitter v0.8.4+3

harpy for Twitter / Description

harpy is currently in development and available as a beta for open testing

What's New in v0.8.4+3

Version 0.8.4+3


· Disabled tweeting with @mentions

What's New in v0.8.4+1

Version 0.8.4+1


· Fixed authentication issues with Twitter


Hashtags Manager for Followers v1.1.8 Mod Premium

Hashtags Manager helps users manage or check new hashtags or other information precisely while getting new hashtags trending worldwide for their posts and videos to spread faster.

Hashtags Manager is a versatile and practical extension that helps users organize hashtags on various social media platforms. Users usually cannot find any trending hashtags on the internet, but this widget can and even shows new and popular hashtags. It also works flexibly and subtly, promising to give people the support users need to attract more attention through hashtags.


The first advantage of Hashtags Manager is its flexible and friendly interface in a client app to give users the best experience. They can also change the way the app works as a native app or as an extension to capture any changes in hashtags. The interface customizations and small changes are also impressive and give users more options for more smooth and comfortable usage.


The main function of this application is to help users organize and distribute hashtags reasonably so that every user’s post can attract more attention. All hashtags globally have their meanings, and people often access new posts through hashtags they see widely. Because of that, the widget’s hashtag management capabilities are superior and impressive extensions for everyone to have the best performance if they want to draw attention to any content.


Besides the management capabilities, Hashtags Manager also integrates a function to create hashtags compatible with the user’s keywords. That helps them quickly filter the hashtags to use, and at the same time, organize or manage everything as needed and perfect for best performance. The keywords displayed always have more priority instead of being sorted alphabetically, helping users’ posts get more attention than usual.


In addition to filtering the necessary hashtags for posts, the application can help users change the dominant color mode for smoother feelings. That involves many factors, and they can customize every detail to their satisfaction instead of using the default options that come from the application or the system. Surprisingly, native apps like TikTok or Instagram will also change completely, creating a new atmosphere for the application or more when posting.


If users cannot manually search for hashtags in the Hashtags Manager’s system, they can directly search through categories. All the hashtags in the world are categorized in various compatible categories, and the app currently has over 40 options for users to indulge in. They can also access any content and see all relevant posts depending on the app platform or connecting related to hashtags.


Although there are many hashtags on social networks, users need to know how to choose the necessary hashtags to post or avoid them. Also, the application will have a system to record all hashtags that have been banned so far to prevent deletion posts or similar reasons when sharing information. It also helps users use hashtags more intelligently and effectively instead of taking advantage of unreasonable content to achieve the desired effects.

Hashtags Manager is one of the essential applications if users want to make their every post famous worldwide and much more. Meanwhile, the function of managing or tracing hashtags is also flexible. It will always prioritize the best results for users when pasting hashtags in their official posts on any network platform. Also, the extra customizations and themes will greatly change users’ experience when exploring the hashtag and their inside content.


A beautiful interface with fascinating designs to help users integrate with the native apps or perform specific actions widely with smooth efficiency.

Manage hashtags easily or quickly generate new ones for every post without manually inserting specific hashtags and even packing multiple hashtags at once.

Various theme customizations of mesmerizing layout and interaction enhance users’ interactions with multiple functions, whether on the client or native apps.

Explore and utilize over 40+ hashtag categories for multiple posts depending on the specific social platform to gain more attention and interactions worldwide.

Check and avoid the banned hashtags on a specific platform to prevent post deletions from the host or misunderstandings that occur at certain moments.


Instander v15.4 Mod Many Feature

We are living in the 4.0 era when everything becomes constantly and constantly evolving. It is the development of modern technology that has made our lives more colorful. Besides, it also helps us close the gap between people. Many applications have been born that have brought many benefits to people. Instagram is none other than Instagram, a top-rated social network for all ages worldwide. In the app, people can do whatever they want.


Currently, many social media networks have been launched on the market and are quickly being used by people worldwide. In the old days, when people did not have the telephone developed today, they communicated with each other by mail by writing letters. When life begins to change, people around the world are more connected.

Instagram is a top-rated media network ranked at the top in the world and is gradually surpassing Facebook. In general, these two applications are linked with each other and have similarities. However, this application is still considered more productive use. Using this application, you will experience many fantastic ideas.


This is an app that everyone should own on their device because it’s more than what you see. For example, you are in the US and thousands of kilometers away from your parents, use this app to bridge the geographical distance. No matter where you are, you will become close with the application no matter how far away.

Instagram is not only for you to connect with friends around you but also to get to know and make many other international friends. Through video calling and messaging, users can use that function to connect with friends. To make the calls more vivid, the application has set up many filters in the camera for you to use for the face to become more beautiful. In addition, the messages that the user does not want the recipient to know can be revoked within 24 hours. After deleting the news, both will not see the deleted message, and you are completely assured of that.


Like many other social networks, Instagram also allows users to share the most favorite images in their albums. Please share your best photos with handpicked videos to post on your page to show off to your friends on it. Those who love your image will drop their hearts and comment on meaningful sentences. Usually, the photos uploaded on the application are shown in full HD with high resolution. Hence, you will never have a broken image. Moreover, the application also allows users to edit photos directly there before posting to the message board. Therefore, please share them on the message board to keep good memories if you have any favorite images.


Besides funny photos, Instagram is also a place for people to share their moods. This is quite effective because I can reduce my thoughts and reveal my personal stories. The application never limits users to posts on message boards, and users are free to do so. Sometimes the stories you share will move your viewers and increase your account followers.


Indeed, this application is widely responded to by young people across the country and continuously uses with no signs of stopping. It is undeniable that the application brings various upsides for everyone. Compared with today’s popular media networks, Instagram is considered the best application and attracts many users. Besides, the application also allows users to create articles to post stories with many different effects freely. However, the duration of the story only appears within 24 hours. In addition, your favorite stories can be added to the highlights. The app is worthy for users to discover valuable things around the world.


The application is not only. It is a place for people to share unique images or videos and a place for many businesses to do business. Currently, the number of statistics shows that there are many accounts on the application used for sales. In fact, this is a highly effective way to make money online without spending any money. However, there are some cases where users have to pay fees for accounts that make money.


The graphical interface is undeniably better than what we expected. Every layout in the app is designed in detail, easy to understand, and straightforward. Through it, all ages can be used easily.

MOD Info

Download photos, videos, stories, IGTV videos

Removed ads from tapes and stories

Ability to listen to and remove stories with music without the need for a VPN (but with the addition to the story did not figure it out)

Copy and translate comments

Copy bio from profile on click

Disable svayp-navigation in the tape (left in the camera, right in direct)

Clickable links in comments

Enable default video sound

Disable video autoplay (long tap on the camera icon)

Hiding viewing stories, recordings, broadcasts

Unreadable direct (when enabled, messages are not marked read in any way except by sending a message)

Ability to open links in an external browser

The inscription in the profile, if the person is following you

Repost any stories to yourself in the story (even if the user has forbidden them to repost at all)

Developer settings with long tap on the house icon

Zoom photo long tap

Turn off alike when double tapes

Rewind video

Double line input in the directive


Janetter Pro for Twitter v1.15.3 Paid

Janetter Pro for Twitter is an application that gives you the ultimate Twitter experience, easy and convenient. You can easily see more posts when the image size has been partially minimized. At the same time, with simple swipes, you can switch between different users’ content. In addition, you will no longer be interrupted by ads because this is the Pro version.


The experience you find in Janetter Pro for Twitter is all about convenience for a wide range of audiences using their Twitter accounts for fun and interaction. There will be accompanying features to store the information they love so they can review it later. At the same time, it also possesses synchronization between many different accounts that you can use. So, it can be said that your experience with the application is wholly optimized over time.


When you use a third-party app for a social network, you’re sure to worry about sync issues so you can rest easy knowing it’s guaranteed with Janetter Pro for Twitter. The impressive sync point you will find is when you use multiple accounts simultaneously. These accounts are always updated with the same information when you use Twitter on other platforms. Also, it’s much appreciated that you switch between them as you don’t log out of your account.


Besides the synchronization of the information you receive, you certainly will not ignore the useful features that Janetter Pro for Twitter possesses. Specifically, you’ll be able to swipe the screen to switch pages of other users you’re following. That works perfectly for you as you won’t need to constantly search for a particular piece of information related to a user you follow. In addition, the application also has ways to display information for your convenience.


A notable point when you experience Janetter Pro for Twitter is that the application helps you conveniently observe and read information related to other users’ tweets. The image size has now been scaled to a specific size so that you can view multiple posts at once. At the same time, it is also suitable for users who like to read a lot of information, but their device screen is relatively modest.


Surely any user will follow a user who always provides exciting content to be read and entertained thoroughly. From there, the app provides several buttons to add any content to your favorites list quickly. For example, when you are tweeting something, you will find an icon to interact with others or push that content to your favorites list.


This application has two versions: Free and Pro; the Pro version will have more outstanding features. Specifically, the application can sync up to 7 accounts instead of 3 like the Free version. At the same time, your experience is also improved even more without any ads appearing.

Using Twitter becomes more convenient when you experience this application:

You can use your Twitter accounts conveniently with built-in optimization features you can use at any time.

With swipes, you can easily switch between different user content that you follow or archive.

You can read posts more efficiently when the image size has been partially reduced.

Your favorites list will grow as you see a post you like and use the add button integrated.

Multiple accounts can be used simultaneously in the Pro version, and your experience will not be disturbed by ads.

MDO Info

Janetter Pro for Twitter owns the optimal experience for Twitter users as they can easily read the information with just a few taps. You can also easily add your favorites and view synced content across multiple accounts.


Mood SMS v2.3e b1974 Mod Premium

Mood SMS offers a diverse, customizable, and secure SMS and MMS messaging experience. You can send a variety of media and share helpful information with others.

Mood SMS possesses valuable features to help users have the most convenient SMS and MMS messaging experience. At the same time, you can also easily find a variety of themes and backgrounds to customize the application’s interface. In addition, you can freely switch between SMS or MMS messaging depending on connection conditions and send media with diverse content.


In Mood SMS, users will find convenient messaging experiences and full of features that make your texting more impressive. You can take advantage of many means to send messages to the person you are messaging easily. At the same time, it also makes it possible for you to change between SMS and MMS messaging in terms of whether you have internet or not flexibly and straightforwardly. So it’s an app that you shouldn’t miss.


Besides the essential feature of Mood SMS, users will need to discover other valuable elements. The application can easily change the interface with many elements such as colors, background, font, notifications, and many other elements. So, after each change, you will not be able to ignore the attraction that the application’s interface can bring. At the same time, it can be said that it always brings a new feeling to users and attracts them every time they text.


Users can access many Mood SMS resources like themes and wallpapers. There are more than 100 themes that you can apply to the app, and of course, all aspects of it are wholly changed simultaneously. At the same time, you can also change the background when texting using the wallpapers recommended by the application or taking advantage of the impressive images available on your device.


In Mood SMS, you can easily illustrate your feelings through messages thanks to the different means that the application supports. You will be convenient in using emojis icons, stickers with just a few simple search operations, or animated GIFs that can be the memes you find. In addition, you can also send videos to your friends easily or share the information you find in the application.


The app also has some features to make your messaging experience easier, like you can instant message with a group of more than 200 people quickly. At the same time, you also know who is texting and keep the conversation going with ease. In addition, the application also supports caller ID to help you identify phone numbers quickly and prevent spam messages from users you do not know.


You can maximize message protection in two main ways: setting up a password that will make it difficult for others and backing up important messages in the cloud. So, this is the app where you can enjoy the most complete and impressive texting experience.

The SMS and MMS messaging experience brings many interesting points that you should not miss:

You can easily text SMS and MMS with just one app and freely switch between the two depending on your internet connection.

A diverse number of elements can be changed, giving the application a new look and feel, which may change over time.

There is a wide library of backgrounds and themes that you can’t miss, and you can also use your images as wallpaper.

You can ignore, block unnecessary messages, identify phone numbers and create a chat group with more than 200 participants.

Users can rest assured that their messages are password protected and backed up in a cloud platform.


Opera GX Gaming Browser v1.5.4 Mod More Optimized

Opera GX: Gaming Browser is an application for video game lovers with a simple interface. Players will be able to use the application’s unique features to play games.

Opera GX: Gaming Browser is one of the browsers that is considered to be the first to appear specifically built to support gaming users. With a series of browsers being trusted and used by many users, it is popular again and has become famous for its unique features for gaming lovers. This application is always a top concern compared to some similar browsers, no matter where it comes from. The browser integrates many unique features to help users have the best experience when playing games and surfing the web.


If many users have experienced the Opera Classic version of the browser, they have seen the variety and intelligence the browser brings to users. However, in recent times, Opera has released many extreme versions, the most famous being Opera GX. In fact, this browser is the first browser made for gaming enthusiasts. That is, users will experience the games directly in the browser without downloading any game applications. As for the browser is built-in and constantly updated with improved functions for you to enjoy the activities in the browser in the best way.


In order to help users have a unique gaming experience, the browser has added the function of all irrelevant spam ads and some other tracking software to help players feel uncomfortable. In addition, the browser only shows the channels you are following and chooses to receive notifications whenever someone watches your program live. The browser constantly updates the best deals and breaking game news for some interested users.


Opera GX stands out like never before and exudes a powerful application with its dominant red-violet color gamut. For every gamer, you will have to like this interface style. Really, it looks unique but always keeps its own beauty. It is inspired by gaming gear and solver style Red Dot and IF Design. In this browser, users can customize some of their favorite themes such as GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze… Choose from a wide range of specially designed wallpapers or set your favorite one as your browser background.


The Flow feature is integrated into this browser; it is built to make it easier for users to connect and synchronize between phones and computers. Here you will have all your Opera accounts synced across different devices. Besides, to help you sync faster, you can scan the QR code without login, password, or account. Therefore, users can freely switch and connect anytime they want.


Users will feel more comfortable with this application when the experience is super smooth and super light, and the browser does not take up too much space in your phone. Moreover, during use, users are allowed to switch to data battery saving mode to load pages faster than ever on slow carriers. Therefore, it is supported by well-known compression technology, so it always maximizes your data savings without disrupting the web browsing experience you are using—a fast, secure – and handy web browser for users who love gaming easier. With a clean and user-friendly design, users are free to use online in less time.


Changing the theme and interface of the browser according to the user’s settings is extremely easy.

Use it safely and enjoy what you want in this browser.

GX Control’s RAM limit allows users to select memory levels to balance usage.

Constantly updated with the best deals, latest releases of games.

Built in many sound effects in the browser by sound designer Ruben Rincon and Berlinist band.

MOD Info

– Analytics removed

– Unlinkd from Google

– Filtering Https Adguard traffic

– Removed some unnecessary permissions, activations

– Removed debug info

– Signature changed


Reddit v2022.8.0 Mod Premium

An open-world about the lifestyle, knowledge of millions of people around the world is encapsulated in Reddit. This is an application whose content is determined by the user system, namely their posts. It can be said that no genre can be lacking when you set foot in this huge community. Not only watching and learning, but you are also free to evaluate, ask questions, and have lively discussions with other users who are interested in any topic.


Reddit is an environment that allows users to post and express their personal life and views freely. You can post in a variety of different formats to choose from and meet your needs. Images and videos are the most used formats. Besides, links or text articles also appear regularly. In particular, user posts are completely free and unlimited in number.


The ideas of the posts come from the unique needs and passions of users. That has created a huge community of resources full of different genres and topics. Specifically, according to statistics, more than 100000 existing topic categories from sports, travel to fashion, news. There is even information you never thought would appear. They are the work of creativity, a gray matter of many users around the world.

This place really attracts people who like to create and work with EQ. A macro world, a world of strange people, strange things. It’s an invaluable source of inspiration for unique, one-of-a-kind ideas that don’t have to be moved around. Besides, this is also a knowledge base for the things you want to learn but are afraid to ask questions in front of the crowd—for example, recipes, flower arrangements, sewing.


Under each post, there will be a section dedicated to other users enjoying it. This place allows you to freely comment, discuss and express your personal views on that post. It can be praise, criticism, approval, or disapproval of the ideas and views of the poster. Other users can see your comments and respond to you. A heated, conference-like debate is taking place on Reddit.


Besides writing comments, you can rate them by voting positive or negative, or in other words, easier to understand, for, or against. The post will be automatically displayed on the most popular content homepage if it achieves a high rating. This is proof of the post’s appeal and feasibility. You need to quickly grasp the hottest and latest information, combined with images, interesting and funny content, to be able to seize the opportunity to appear on the main page.


Reddit’s storage problem is a bit different from popular social apps like Facebook, Instagram. Specifically, after 6 months of the official post being uploaded by you to the community, it will automatically be moved to the archive. That is, you can still view them and edit them, but the third person can no longer comment or vote. This is a feature that contributes to effective information security for you.


Reddit is considered an ideal place to connect, socialize with new friends, and stay in touch easily with loved ones. If you want to know and care about the other person’s life, a voice message or an online call is not a bad idea. No matter how far the two of you are geographical, seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices is no longer a big deal.

Each user owns a personal profile. This allows you to express who you are, providing basic information about yourself. Including current job, address, phone number, etc. Even status in society, relationships with other users, number of friends, etc. However, if you don’t want Anyone to know who you are, the user can automatically anonymize the profile. From now on, no one can see your confidential information.


With the basic version, everything seems to you limited and very cool. However, everything will become more absolute and profitable with the Premium version. First of all, you will enjoy exploring the application, looking for ideas without being bothered by promotional videos. Second, you have the opportunity to make a profit, specifically, to receive coins if your post receives good interaction from the community, such as a large number of reviews and comments.



Repost for Instagram 2021 Save & Repost 2021 v3.6.6 Pro

Repost for Instagram 2021 - Save & Repost IG 2021 / Description

** This application is not affiliated with Instagram **

Repost for Instagram 2021 helps you repost Instagram photos and videos by keeping credit with multiple colors

Key Features

1. You can easy to repost multiple photos or videos on Instagram very fast. Especially you can download and repost videos from IGTV and Reels

2. You can save credit (copyright) on videos or photos when reposting to honor of Owner's Instagram rights.

3. You can choose many colors for the watermark also choose the position of the watermark or hide it

4. Copy the original caption in the clipboard automatically you can easily paste the original caption to your Instagram post.

5. Save repost history for Instagram. You can view the history of your repost or share it with your friends

How to use Repost Instagram 2021

1. Open Instagram and scroll to post the video/photo you want to repost on Instagram.

2. Click the 3-point icon and select "Share To". And choose app Repost for Instagram 2021

3. Repost for Instagram 2021 (IG repost app) will download photos/videos automatically and have notifications on your phone when downloading successfully

4. Click on the notification or open the repost app you can see the image or video downloaded tap on it to open the full screen or click on the repost button to immediately repost


1. Repost For Instagram 2021 (IG repost) requires an Instagram application on your mobile

3. If you can't download anything please turn off the battery saving mode on your phone

4. We are not a product of the Instagram team

What's New in v3.6.6 (Pro)

- Mod Info:

๏ Pro Features Unlocked

๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)

๏ CPUs: universal

๏ Multi Languages

๏ Debug Info Removed

- Add hashtag copy function

- Quick fix error can not download on 07/03/2022

- Fixed: Avatar does not show when reposting

- Change Icon

- Support download Reel for Instagram

- Add Italia Language

**Fixed issue: Can't repost in the newest version of Instagram**

- Support download video and photo on android 10 with share URL option

- Support download IGTV

- Download video with high quality