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FilmPlus v1.4.1 Mod
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HBO GO vr37.v1.0.162.4 (1902011102) (Android TV
HBO Max Mod Free Subscription v52.10.0.91
Hulu Mod Premium Unlocked v4.43.0 + 9848 Google
Media Lounge AF v4.0.5 b405 MultiPatch Mod
Movies HD v5.1.3 Mod
Netflix v8.21.1 Mod Premium, 4K
Netflix v8.21.1 Mod Premium Unlocked
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Movie Apps

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FilmPlus v1.4.1 Mod

FilmPlus is a special tool that can give users the ability to watch movies or TV shows in the best way. The application will provide viewing content with the highest image quality along with excellent support features.

MOD Info:

No Ads

Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services

Optimized and zipaligned graphics

Cleaned resources

Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;

Choose Player popup disabled

No forced update

FilmPlus will be one of the particular applications that can give its users an extremely excellent entertainment experience. If you are a person who often chooses for himself the entertainment method of watching TV shows or watching movies, this will be a suitable application for you. Coming to this application, users will be able to watch their favorite TV shows or movies for free freely.


For those who have chosen to entertain themselves with movies, the requirements that are always on top will be diversity. Because users will often continuously choose the next movie title after watching a previous series of movies or even watch many movies in the same time period. Therefore, the application has also been very well optimized for users when adding and equipping a lot of movie series for users to access at any time.


One of the basic but most important requirements for movie projection applications will always be the picture quality that can be achieved. A movie, no matter how good it is, but if it is shown with poor quality, will not bring satisfaction to the viewers. However, the application will be able to satisfy its users by allowing users to watch their movies in the maximum possible quality.


Moreover, users always have for themselves a need to be able to watch their favorite movies anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, users want to watch their favorite movies in long waiting rooms or on moving vehicles. Understanding the psychology of users, the application has also added a feature that allows users to watch movies flexibly when online or download movies to the device for offline viewing.


Moviegoers will often own their favorite movies and want to be able to start watching them as quickly as possible when accessing the application. For those who use apps to watch TV shows, being able to start their favorite shows as quickly as possible will always be a priority. Therefore, the application will allow you to bookmark your favorite movies or shows for quick access after logging in.


If you are a person who wants to watch movies or TV shows from foreign producers, the language barrier is always present. That is an excellent thing for people who have good language skills and can understand it, but otherwise, it will be a horrible experience. Coming to this application, users will ultimately be able to use the best subtitle tools to be able to translate words into your language.


In addition, if you are watching a movie or show that you really love and waiting for each new episode to be released, this will be an exciting feature. With this feature, users of the application will be able to mark the application that they are interested in in this movie or show. And when the latest movie or show broadcasts, you will immediately be notified by the application to your device.


Participate in many famous movies or TV shows that are popular today.

The image quality the application provides to the viewer is always provided with the highest quality.

You can watch exciting content online or offline by downloading it to your device.

You can customize and bookmark your favorite movies or TV shows.

Watch foreign content with subtitles translated into many different languages ​​worldwide.


HBO GO Mod v5.9.8 [Free Subscription]

Introduce about HBO GO

Watching your favorite HBO TV channels on your mobile is now so easy!

Why do we need a mobile TV watching application?

The more modern the world, the more people want to be minimalist. Who wants to set up a lot of equipment for relaxing? I believe you will feel annoyed and a bit tired because you have to use many different things just for one need, or sometimes you want to stay in one place to do many things at the same time, but you can’t carry too many bulky items with you. Now the best solution is the smartphone, which almost brings the whole world inside with a series of simple, easy-to-use, and highly convenient applications.

One of the applications that I always have on my phone is an online TV watching application. Without having a TV nearby, we can still watch all that is happening on our favorite channel.

Do you love watching movie on HBO?

HBO is a television channel that is so popular with everyone. It has received a lot of love and trust due to the series of interesting programs. When there were no internet-connected Smart TVs, HBO was even more popular. Now, the number of people watching traditional TV is still very high. Therefore, the need for an application that helps to exploit all the strengths and extremely diverse content of HBO, on mobile platforms, is essential. HBO GO was born in that context in 2010. And so far, there have been millions of downloads, along with a rain of compliments and comments from all over the world.

What advantages does HBO GO have over other TV watching applications?

First of all, HBO GO is an exclusive product of HBO, so it will inherit all the features, quintessence, and exclusivity of the HBO channel. You already know the store of movies and shows on HBO, you may watch them all day all night all season! They can be exclusive content produced by HBO in the US, Europe, and Asia such as HBO Original including series of films and documentaries, or a series of Hollywood blockbusters, hit Asia movies, favorite children’s shows, and a series of HBO-branded shows that you can watch on this channel only.

Compatible with a lot of modern devices

In HBO GO, you can watch all the exclusive content produced by HBO in the US, Europe, and Asian countries. In general, there are no geographical restrictions on this application. HBO GO is currently available in English, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

Support features for most of your needs like on HBO TV channel

You can choose your favorite shows, archive them to watch later, or download them as needed. You can also set an alarm to notify you of your favorite show. Or you can also block all content not suitable for children if you use this app for children at home. This very detailed set of support features on HBO GO works even better when using a live TV channel, as everything you can customize and control right on your mobile phone.

The interface is considered friendly, easy to use, and easy to read

It has a minimalist and modern design style: black background, white text, simple images without borders, the main TV screen full of quick control emulator buttons like a real TV remote. You can even control it easily with just one hand when lying down. This is also an attraction of this HBO GO application compared to many common movie watching applications which are quite confusing and difficult to use.

Maybe, you will love HBO Max.

MOD APK version of HBO GO

MOD feature

Free Subscription

Download HBO GO MOD APK for Android

Note, the HBO GO application is associated with paid TV packages, so if the TV you are using does not have an HBO channel, this HBO GO application will not work. That’s why, you should download the HBO GO MOD APK version



Amazon Prime Video Mod Premium v3.0.317.4455

Introduce about Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an application developed by Amazon Mobile. This app works quite similarly to Netflix Premium and HBO Max. However, the highlight is that it has a ton of Amazon Originals series for you like The Marvelous, Tumble Leaf or Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Huge storage of movies and TV shows

When people have to stay at home because of the COVID-19 virus, the demand for movies and shows increased. Hence, the proliferation of online streaming services becomes more apparent. Compared to other streaming player apps of the same genre, Amazon Prime Video is no less competitive. Thousands of popular movies, series, TV shows are regularly updated on Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch over 100,000 titles including newly released movies and current TV shows. You will be lost in the colorful world of Hollywood, music programs and more. All are updated quickly.

Watch offline, 4K, HDR quality

Amazon Prime Video has always prioritized the quality of the video. This is one of the first apps (along with Netflix) to offer 4K and HDR quality. Most of Amazon’s original shows and movies are available in 4K and HDR formats, along with a subtitle.

In addition, you can also watch videos with 5.1 Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus audio. This will ensure that you will only watch your favorite movies and shows at the highest quality possible. But you also have the option to watch them at 1080p and lower quality to conserve data and bandwidth.

In particular, Amazon Prime Video also allows users to download videos for watching offline. This saves you time, allowing you to watch your favorite movies anywhere. You just need to enter the name of a movie or show you want to search. Then wait a few seconds and you will be able to enjoy them.

At any given time, you can download up to 25 Amazon Video titles to devices like your phones and tablets. All your needs are in this amazing application.

Chromecast support and X-Ray feature

Amazon Prime Video features Chromecast support, which lets you watch your favorite movies and shows on the big screen.

Besides, Amazon Prime Video also allows you to subscribe to more than 150 special channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax, … You will only need to pay for the channels you want and you can cancel the renewal at any time.

Plus, with Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature, you can view IMDb data about the actors, directors, songs, and information related to the videos you watch. No need to waste time searching in Google, the app has everything available.


Amazon Prime Video has a minimalistic and smart interface, with the goal of providing the best user experience.

Amazon Prime Video searching feature is at the bottom of the screen. It is considered by everyone to be quite intelligent. You just need to enter part of the movie/show title, it will automatically give search results matching the keyword or part of the keyword. If not, it will offer a similar recommendation.

Along with search, stores and channels are where you can discover the hottest trends and updates.


Disney+ Mod Premium Unlocked v2.5.0-rc1

Introduce about Disney+

Watch all the latest releases, original series, movies, and TV shows from Disney!

Have you ever been trying to find a streaming app that can watch a full Disney movie from start to finish with no ads, no breaks into segments/small episodes, and have all original full movies from Disney yet? If you only use a simple mobile streaming app, it will be difficult for you to do it. But with Disney+ it is completely possible.

Disney+ is an online movie streaming app made by Disney. This is a multimedia app that can bring you many different types of entertainment, not just movies from Disney.

Watch unlimited movies

Just like Apple TV+, Disney+ has a huge collection of TV series, movies, documentaries, and animations spanning all genres and periods. The most special is probably the exclusive Disney movies, which you will be very hard to find in other streaming apps.

When using Disney+, you can watch all the shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. With so many quality TV channels and programs, you can freely explore and watch anytime, anywhere. Disney+’s movie store is also unlimited. Latest releases, series, movies, classic movies, TV shows are always added in abundance weekly, ensuring a fresh and up-to-date experience for users.

In addition to watching the latest, hottest, or trending movies, you also watch all classics or review any content you want, with just a few searches or a filter.

After the search is complete, you can immediately add the movie title you need to the Favorites List so that you can watch it gradually.

In Disney+, there are now more than 100 original titles in 4K UHD and HDR for you to enjoy comfortably on large modern screens. Besides tens of thousands of popular TV episodes and hundreds of movies available, Whenever you register for an account, you can watch this huge number of movies.

Cross-platform streaming app

With original movies like Loki and a ton of Disney hits like Frozen and The Simpsons, you can not only watch it online but also download it freely on up to 10 devices at the same time. Not many online streaming apps can handle this cumbersome cross-platform movie download task like this.

The cross-platform feature in Disney+ is very powerful. In particular, there is also a Group Watch function to help you watch together with your family or friends even if you are far apart. You and your friends/family can use Disney+ to watch 4 screens at the same time without any problems or lag, and there are no additional fees.

In terms of cross-platform coverage, Disney+ is even more dominant than Apple TV+. This app can be played on Apple TV players, iOS, Android devices, Chrome Cast, Android TV, and even on PS4, Xbox One, and Roku.

Offers for users

If you use the paid service, Disney+ will unlock even more content from famous studios like 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and Pixar. This strength of diversity is also the reason that many people have chosen Disney+ over Netflix. Especially for those who are looking for entertainment in family mode, want to find classic and modern titles for the whole family to sit down and enjoy.

Especially, in Disney+, there is a lot of interesting exclusive content. Typically the side stories, behind the scene of popular cartoon characters, or celebrity interviews about a classic Disney movie. All of this content will provide plenty of inspiration for Disney fans.

Parental controls

You can easily create up to 7 profiles for your family members with specific settings for age, gender, and favorite topics. So that each person can watch their own programs while ensuring safe censorship.

Children are an object of great interest to Disney+. The most obvious proof of this is that in Disney+ there even has a Kids Mode. Parents can control what movies have on this mode, and children can only watch available movies on it. This doesn’t just help you give your kids the freedom of choice but also makes it easier to control and protect the kids in your home from harmful or age-inappropriate content.

The only limitation of Disney+ is that it is currently limited to the service in North America, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. If you want to watch, you will need to switch to a server in one of these countries.

MOD APK version of Disney+

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

All 250 languages

HD – 4K quality

No Login Required

Supports all Android devices

Download Disney+ APK & MOD for Android

Hopefully, in the future, Disney+ will have higher coverage so that people everywhere can admire the exclusive movies from Disney. If you a fan of Disney, let download this app to use right away to have an amazing watching movies experience.



HBO GO vr37.v1.0.162.4 (1902011102) (Android TV

Get unlimited access to all of HBO Hollywood blockbusters and more right here on HBO GO. With new episodes and movies added weekly you will never run out of shows to watch!

With HBO GO you can:

• Get instant access to the latest Hollywood movies and cult classics along with a vast selection of documentaries stand-up comedies Asian content and shows for kids.

• Binge all HBO shows with new Original series released same time as U.S.

• Watch Live TV channels*

• Stream on 2 devices at the same time

• Select a subtitle language from our list of multi-language subtitles

*Program availability is subject to change without prior notice.

*Number of Live TV channels differs country by country.

HBO GO Terms of Use: https://www.hbogoasia.com/#terms_of_service

HBO GO Privacy Policy: https://www.hbogoasia.com/#privacy

HBO® HBO GO® and all related channels and service marks including HBO programme marks are the property of Home Box Office Inc. © 2021 HBO Asia. All rights reserved. All devices titles and related trademarks are property of their respective owners

What's New in vr37.v1.0.162.4 (1902011102) (Android TV)


We have updated our app for performance enhancements and bug fixes to provide you with a great video viewing experience!


HBO Max Mod Free Subscription v52.10.0.91

Introduce about HBO Max

The best movie streaming service for Android

With a history of more than 100 years of development, movies are gradually becoming one of the essential entertainment needs of everyone. On holidays or weekends, many people choose to sit at home and enjoy good and meaningful movies together. Each year, film producers continue to release quality products in many genres such as action, horror, adventure, comedy, love, …

Due to the increasingly busy life, you cannot spend time enjoying all your favorite movies in theaters. Therefore, online movie streaming platforms were born to help users enjoy movies anywhere, just need a phone with an internet connection.

In order to compete with rivals like Netflix Premium or Hotstar Premium in the digital age, HBO, a company with seven 24h exclusive movie channels in all the countries, has developed the HBO Max service platform to provide online movies with a pay-to-use method. Users only need to pay a monthly amount (about $ 10), they can enjoy any movie copyrighted by HBO, including TV series, movies, TV shows. Of course, it also includes movies produced by HBO like Game of Thrones or Warner Bros’ superhero movies.

There is no difficulty in using HBO Max. This app has an easy to use interface. The movie categories are arranged elegantly on the left side of the screen. You can easily search for your favorite movie based on the movie title, actor name, director’s name, or category. If you don’t have any idea for the weekend, let watch the category Discover, which has tons of cool suggestions based on your watching history.

Watch all content from WarnerMedia

When you pay for HBO Max, you are allowed to enjoy over 10,000 hours of watching, including the screened movies, current and future movies (if you continue to renew). Watch the entire WanerMedia content store with third-party TV series and movies copyrighted by HBO.

HBO Max’s content collection has a history of nearly 100 years, including the movies of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, TNT, TBS, Crunchyroll, Looney Tunes. Enjoy popular series like An American Pickle, The Witches, Lovecraft Country, Raised by Wolves, South Park, Rick and Morty, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The West World, Gossip Girl, … Especially, if you To love Doctor Who, you need to have HBO Max on your Android device. HBO Max has purchased the copyright for this film, which means they will exclusively screen 11 old seasons with new seasons in the future.

Enjoy exclusive superhero movies of Warner Bros

In a time when countries were struggling with the Covid-19 virus, HBO released shocking news by announcing that it will stream the new movies at the same time it was released on the theater. That means we can enjoy Wonder Woman 1984 at Christmas. It’s hard to believe, right? If nothing changes, we will continue to enjoy desirable movies like The Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad 2 on the HBO Max platform.

Instead of spending a few tens of dollars for two movie tickets, you can invite your girlfriend to your home and watch your favorite movies together. Don’t forget to buy popcorn and soda drinks. I think the sofa at home will also be more comfortable than the one at the cinema. No one will disturb you, no need to waste time moving (if the area you live in does not have a cinema). HBO Max’s service is excellent, giving users many options to watch movies during quarantine.

Not only cinema movies, but you can also enjoy all Warner Bros blockbuster movies like Aquaman, Justice League, Batman vs Superman, … The animated series associated with our childhood like Teen Titans, Batman: The Animated Series, The Killing Joke, Flashpoint, … are also available on HBO Max.

HBO Max helps personalize the user experience

HBO Max allows you to create up to 5 profiles, thereby creating suggestions and collections based on each person’s viewing history. This feature is very convenient when you share your movie accounts with other members of your family. Each profile has its own name, interface, and completely separate movie listings. With children’s profiles, all content not suitable for children will be removed thanks to HBO Max’s smart filter.

What is impressive about HBO Max compared to other online movie streaming platforms is that the movies are suggested by HBO employees, not AI. With a lot of customer care experience, they also have a passion for movies and a lot of knowledge, they will give you great suggestions.

MOD APK version of HBO Max

MOD features

Free Subscription

No Ads

Why should you use the MOD version?

The reason is simple: This app is completely free, you don’t even need to spend a dime or have to watch ads to watch movies.


Hulu Mod Premium Unlocked v4.43.0 + 9848 Google

Introduce about Hulu

Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows

Nowadays, streaming video services are popularized by the increasing demand for entertainment from people. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the top apps in this category. But their movie arsenal mostly consists of newly produced movies. If you want to enjoy old movies, such as Forrest Gump, you probably won’t find it on the aforementioned platforms.

With Hulu, you can enjoy millions of available entertainment content, including movies, new TV shows, copyrighted movies, TV series, and online sport channels.

On the home screen, Hulu provides a list of the most popular movies to choose from. Of course, you can also filter content by genre, popularity, actor, … Hulu also makes recommendations based on your search history and movie viewing history. As a result, you will get access to much interesting and suitable content for your interests.

Currently, Hulu is operated by Walt Disney – the world’s leading film production company. They offer exclusive content that you can’t find on any other movie streaming platform. In addition, Hulu is also distributed content by FX Networks with more than 40 popular series and new FX Originals programs.


Hulu plans also allow you to create up to 6 profiles, to personalize the experience of each family member.

You can personalize your profile and get individual recommendations based on each member’s movie history. The application provides you with a private library where you can add programs and movies to watch later. You can also create a child profile so that the application will automatically filter movies and programs that are not suitable for young children.

Watch live sports channels online

In fact, Hulu doesn’t offer sports channels like normal streaming services. You will have to subscribe to a Live TV package to access the world’s most popular sports and TV channels such as ESPN, FS1, CBS Sports Network, and SEC Network.

4K resolution support

Hulu supports many resolutions. You can choose from 720p, 1080p, 2K, or even 4K resolutions to enjoy your movies in clarity. By default, quality is selected based on the monitor’s resolution and network speed for the smoothest experience possible.

Intuitive streaming interface

An intuitive, smooth interface helps you have a better movie experience. You can select and play other episodes and seasons of the current series without going back to the previous screen. The play interface also supports rewinding, increasing or decreasing the volume, returning to the movie’s teaser screen.

In addition, Hulu also supports preview trailer, overview information / plot, number of episodes / season, release time, director and main actor of the movie. You can consult before playing videos or downloading them to your device.

Upgrade your account

Hulu offers three plans for users to choose from, including standard Hulu, Hulu No Ads and Hulu + Live TV.

In it, standard Hulu costs $ 5.99 per month. You can watch exclusive shows, hit movies, copyright movies, kids shows, and more. This package gives you a 30-day trial period before deciding to renew or not.

Hulu No Ads is like standard Hulu, but with an ad-free experience. You will not be bothered by advertisements when watching the movie. However, some copyright programs are not included in Hulu No Ads. This plan costs $ 11.99 a month.

Finally, Hulu + Live TV, which is the most premium package, offers all of Hulu’s content, plus over 65 live TV channels. You are also given access to the developer’s Streaming library. However, this plan costs $ 64.99 a month and only supports a 7-day trial.

MOD APK version of Hulu

MOD features

Unlocked all movies

Unlocked all TV shows

Unlocked all TV channels

Support 4K, HDR, DTS resolutions

No Ads

Supports all countries

Download Hulu MOD APK for Android

Download the Hulu app now to watch new TV shows, stream movies, series, and millions of other copyrighted content. The application is also constantly updated with new content, and you can check them every day at the home interface. We offer a MOD APK version of Hulu, making it possible to use premium services without paying any cost.



Media Lounge AF v4.0.5 b405 MultiPatch Mod

There are lots of online streaming platforms, but Media Lounge has the most amazing user interface. Download Media Lounge MOD APK file latest version 4.0.7 for Android (100% Working). The Best online video streaming app for Android in 2022. The Media Lounge Apk Mod has Premium Unlocked which will automatically Remove Ads.

What Is Media Lounge?

Media Lounge apk is a motion picture and television collection streaming apk that supplies the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies and television series free of charge with no subscription or visit. Fantastic right?? It is just one of my favorites also. You do not need to log in or produce any sort of representation utilizing this apk. In fact, you don’t require to pay a solitary penny for enjoying your preferred films as well as tv programs which may be paid in one more streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Hotstar as well as extra.

Features Of Media Lounge

You can search for anything of your option.

Request to include channels. totally paid.

Numerous totally free television.

Unlimited movies choice.

It has a mature area.

Uses an Adult area.

password protected.

Has an actors function.

Watch Unlimited TV Shows & Series With Media Lounge Mod

Among lots of alternative streaming apps out there on the internet, the Media Lounge application is one of the most previously owned applications because of its comfort of use as well as attractive attributes.

The app is used by both the younger generation and also older individuals also due to the fact that it serves films as well as television shows that both of these generations want to enjoy. With the Media Lounge, you do not need to spend all your time going to a cinema to see movies. Now all you desire is on your mobile.

Media Lounge Mod APK – Premium Unlocked, Ads-Free

Media Lounge application launches IMDB finest films and television programs after a short time it is received the movie theatre. So you don’t have to spend any cash on film tickets. Media Lounge is a cross-platform application because you can utilize it on numerous devices like android, PC, IOS, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku and also Nvidia Shield. Moreover, the growth group has included a new function in the application.

That is you have the alternative to see real-time tv channels too. Further Media Lounge mod can be quickly integrated with Real Debrid as well as Trakt. So it will quicken the connectivity, and if there is any type of buffering problem, it will certainly disappear. Genuine Debrid likewise has the capacity to much more video links that you are utilizing the application at its regular capability

MOD Features:

Ads Free

Premium Unlocked

Download & Install Media Lounge MOD APK Latest For Android

The installation of the Media Lounge MOD APK application will not take more than one minute. Just follow the steps below to successfully download and install the Media Lounge Mod Apk latest version on your Android Device.

Firstly, Uninstall the old apk version of the application Media Lounge from your android device. If already installed.

Now download the latest mod apk version Media Lounge from the download section.

After downloading, open your file manager or directly press install on the downloaded file.

Make sure to allow “unknown sources” from the app settings.

All Set, the application is installed on your device and you are ready to use.



Movies HD v5.1.3 Mod

Newest Movies HD app for Android. Watch and download movies and TV series in HD. Newest Movies HD is similar to apps like Showbox, Playbox, and Cartoon HD. It also supports the Chromecast.

This is a wonderful application for movies.

This app is a world’s largest collection of movies in all genres. Now, this app can connect to you with our movie collection and let you see all the best movies in your mobile even when you are moving.

Watch HD Movies for Free

Has largest collection of movies and cartoons

Over 2000 shows and movies provided by our partner.

Support download to play offline video.

Provides daily updates.

Easy and user friendly interface.

Different Categories and genera are available

Contact and request movies.

Cartoons section to see all the cartoon movies.

T.v Shows section to Watch all TV shows episodes.

Review movies by facebook account or anonymous

Stream Videos with Newest Movies HD

Browse movies, TV shows, and cartoons

Select a video

Hit Episode

Select video and quality

Select Play to stream with native video player, hit Custom to stream with Chromecast (you will need to download AllCast), and hit Download to download video.



Netflix v8.21.1 Mod Premium Unlocked

Netflix is an American movie streaming service, popular in more than 130 countries worldwide. Their service is being rated the world’s leading in the field of film and television programs.

Netflix provides huge movie stores with high quality, full copyright. You can use Netflix on a variety of platforms, from the official website to the mobile app and even have a TV version.

Watch movies without limits

As a member, the Netflix app gives you great benefits. You can watch any movie or TV show you want to watch. Just a device with an internet connection and a Netflix account, you can watch as many episodes as you want, watch unlimited movies.

Plus, you’ll receive notifications of new episodes of your favorite movies. The episodes will be updated regularly and quickly. In addition, you can search for movies quickly and simply with all genres. Complete series of movies such as Sex/Life, Lucifer, Defenders, Stranger Things … all in this great application. And based on the number of views, the application will give a ranking of popular movies and suggestions for you if you have not found a movie like that.

What can you watch on Netflix?

As one of the largest film services in the world, Netflix owns a huge store of movies & videos with full copyright. They have movies of all genres, but the most popular are feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, exclusive films, and other theaters …

How much do you have to pay to watch movies on Netflix?

In general, to watch Netflix on devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, or streaming devices, you only pay a small fixed monthly fee.

There are 3 options for you:

Basic: The lowest plan costs $ 8.99 per month, with limited features. You can watch movies on one screen at the same time. The package is suitable if only you use this account. The video quality is limited to SD.

Standard: This plan costs $ 12.99 per month and you can watch movies on 2 screens at the same time in HD resolution.

Premium: If you want more, you can opt for the Premium plan for $ 15.99 per month. You can watch movies on 4 screens at the same time (Suitable for the whole family to share). Video quality is supported up to 4K.

They also offer each new user a month of free trial. With the trial account, you can experience all the features of the application. Download your favorite movies and watch them offline right on your device.

And one account can be logged in on multiple devices. Therefore, you can use the same account with friends and family to save money.

Pros of Netflix

1. Easy to use interface: You do not need to set up anything. To watch your favorite shows or movies, simply login to netflix.com on your computer. Or download the app for your iOS or Android device.

2. No advertising: There are no ads to interrupt your movie.

3. Allow movie downloads and watch offline: It is rare to see a service that allows this, this is a valuable option if you want to make a long trip.

Cons of Netflix

Despite having a huge store of movies and popularity, Netflix has its limitations.

1. The cost of using is quite high compared to other services. In return, you will be watching movies without ads and stable speed.

2. Many movies lack subtitles in different languages. This makes it difficult for users who do not use English.

3. Very few Asian movies, update speed is slow.

4. There is no free subscription like other services (Spotify, VSCO…). The free plan is only available in Vietnam and Kenya with limited content.

MOD APK version of Netflix (Premium)

MOD Premium features

The movies library is more diverse than the original

No need to pay usage fees

No login account required

Watch 4K quality movies

Supports subtitles in all languages

High movie download speed

No Ads

Why choose the MOD Premium version?

With the MOD Premium version, the limitations of Netflix are completely overcome. And importantly, you will not have to spend a large amount of money for your movie hobby.


Ocean Streamz v2.1.2 B7 Paid

Watch movies, tv shows, Anime & live TV for free on any Android device, Android TV, Amazon

Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc without Ads

No Ads! Only STREAMZ

Ocean Streamz

Best Streaming App

Watch movies & tv shows for free on Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc

Ocean Streamz is a modular search tool for content. It crawls movie/tv shows hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites. For example, Ocean Streamz can find AvengersInfinity War, or complete The Walking Dead seasons, all using the Modules built by the amazing members of our community.

What's New in v2.1.2 B7 (OnnBox/AndroidTV) (Ad-Free) (Banner Fixed) (ARMv7)

- Live TV + Adult Fixed

Tested On A11 Box, OnnBox, Gen3FS, SmartFireTV, SmartAndroidTV, 6,7,8,9,10 Phones & 2 Tablets

Only Mods Will Install Over My Previous

Force Stop Previous & Clear Cache Only!

To Access Adult Section You Must 1st Set-up A Pin

Ad-Free + Details:

SDK fixed for A11 boxes/other devices

Ad-Free by default

Run at startup removed

Arm 7 support all devices

Request install packages removed

*If banner isn't displayed properly on your AndroidTV device then only use Firestick version

...Will require clean install/device restart again

VERSION 2.1.2 Build 7 Fixed

-We decided to go back to v1.0.3 until we fix all the bugs for v2.1.1

Stay tuned!

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Popcorn Time Mod v3.6.10 VPN Disabled

Description of Popcorn Time

Currently, on the market, many applications bring users endless content and multimedia entertainment. Users only need an internet connection to enjoy all the entertainment they love. And Popcorn Time is one such application. The unique feature of this app that sets it apart from other apps of its kind is that users don't have to download the content they love to enjoy it. Instead, users can simply use the streaming feature to watch all the cool stuff in the world.

Discover your favorite content

This application allows viewers to enjoy the content they want when connected to the Internet without consuming any device memory. Users can even download them if they prefer to watch them offline. This application is designed to be compact to consume less space on your phone. Even so, the quality that the application brings is above excellent as it offers good picture quality, a vivid sound system, and multi-language subtitles. All entertainment content will be stored on the application's local server and you can stream them without having to connect to the Internet.

Excellent designed interface

Popcorn Time creates a welcoming feeling for users with its homepage through a user-friendly and flexible interface. Users can easily access application functions with simple gestures because the user interaction with the interface is designed to be as optimized as possible. In addition, with the personalization function, users can change the overall color design and layout of the app so that they can experience the application in their way.

Personalize and interact with your content

Popcorn Time owns a huge movie library for users to explore and enjoy any content they love. At the same time, users can manage their library to track their activities and bookmark interesting content. A very interesting function of the application is that it allows you to turn on notifications of the movies you are watching and the application will automatically remind users to watch every time a new episode is available.

The interactive features on the second interface

This application owns not one but two interfaces. Besides the gallery interface, the streaming interface is completely different since it will ensure the best user experience. You can interact with all functions like changing volume, image quality, or subtitles with simple hand gestures. Not only that, these gestures can be personalized to allow users to make many other interesting changes to enhance the feeling of using the application from this interface.

The strongest point of Popcorn Time is the flexibility and friendliness of the interface. In addition, the streaming mechanism can help users enjoy the content they love anytime and anywhere with low data consumption.

Download Popcorn Time apk for android

With all the great features mentioned above, I believe this will be one of the most suitable applications for you to satisfy your entertainment needs. Immediately download the APK version of the app to enjoy the functions only available in the Premium version without any fees.



SmartTube Next v14.35 (Beta) No ROOT Paid

SmartTube Next / Description

SmartTubeNext is an unofficial YouTube client for Android TV.

Current release features:

- Browse News, Games, Music

- Browse Subscriptions, History, Playlists

- Play videos

- Like, Dislike or Subscribe for video

- Search for videos

- View subscribed channel content

- Change various settings for the video player

- Animated previews for videos

- Android TV channels and search support.

Browse Fragment

The browse fragment is what is used to display the browseable categories and options card. The Icon Header Item Presenter is used to setup and display the categories in the headers dock and Card Presenter is used to display the Video cards.

Playback Activity

The Playback Activity is used to play the video from categories. Which used the PlaybackFragment to display the playback controls over the top of the PlaybackActivity.

Search Fragment

The Search Fragment allows users to search for video by either tags or usernames.

Header Grid Fragment

The Header Grid Fragment is used to show a grid of videos from either a Subscriptions or History.

Custom Components

Many of the screens used some of these custom components created especially for the needs of this app:

Text Badge Image Card View

Badge Card View

This view extends the ImageCardView class so that we add custom functionality. The functionality of this view is display a video preview of the video card that is currently in focus. It's made up of the following components:

Text Badge Image View - This is a custom VideoView that automatically loops a video without sound.

What's New in v14.35 (Beta) (No ADS) (No ROOT) (Android TV)

- Package Info:

● Languages: Full Multi Languages;

● CPUs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, mips, mips64;

● Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;

● Untouched apk with Original Hash Signature, no [Mod] or changes was applied;

- "Open description" item has been added to video context menu

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Upflix Netflix, Disney, HBO updates v5.9.1

If you are a Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® or an Apple tv+® user, Upflix is just perfect for you!

They all have has a fantastic and huge catalog combined, with amazing movies and series, and it is easy get lost in so many possibilities when choosing what to watch. But Upflix has a solution that will blow your mind and help you surf on Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® and Apple tv+® like a boss.

Upflix is a versatile tool to help users sending, directly to your device, in real time, all the new movies, series, episodes and documentaries arriving on the service. You will get fast access to everything the is new the catalog.

The Roulette Mode helps you choose movies and series on Netflix when you don’t know what to watch. Just create your filters based on categories, IMDB, TMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores and Upflix will suggest something of your liking.

If you’re a fan of a particular actor or director, Upflix offers a great way to search through Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® and Apple tv+® vast actors base and will allow you to find all of their movies and shows.

Get updates via notifications and share your favourite Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® and Apple tv+® movies with your friends.

Note: Upflix is NOT associated or affiliated with Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® nor Apple tv+®. Upflix is NOT part of Netflix®, Disney+®, Prime Video®, HBO Max® and Apple tv+® or have any connection with them whatsoever, nor power over what gets in or out of their catalog.

– Completely new version with Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, Star+ and Apple TV+

– Lots of bug fixes

Features MOD APK of Upflix: Netflix, Disney, HBO updates

Download Upflix: Netflix, Disney, HBO updates MOD APK with Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO.


Unlocked Premium.

Unlocked VIP.

Unlocked Pro.


MOD Paid.











Ver.2 4K



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