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#DRIVE v2.2.36 Mod, Unlimited Money
8 Ball Pool v5.6.7 Mod Mega
250+ Solitaire Collection v4.15.13 Mod Premium
Air Scramble Interceptor Fighter Jets v1.9.1.1 Mod Unlimited Money
Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00.0024 Mod Unlimited Money
Armed Heist v2.4.23 Mod + OBB Menu Immortality, No Recoil Mod 2
Armed Heist v2.4.23 Mod + OBB Menu Immortality, No Recoil Mod 1
Basketball Stars Multiplayer v1.37.1 Mod Fast Level Up
Beach War Fight For Survival v0.1.1 Mod Unlimited Bullets
Benji Bananas v1.46 Mod Unlimited Bananas
Call of Duty Mobile Mod v1.0.30 MOD Menu OBB
Call of Duty Mobile Mod v1.0.30 MOD Menu
Candy Crush Saga v1.223.1.1 Mod Unlimited MovesLives Unlocked Level
Car Stunt Races v3.0.12 Mod Unlimited Money Unlocked
CardGames +online Mod v10.0 Unlocked
Chess Clash of Kings v2.17.0 Mod Unlimited Money + Unlocked

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Android Games

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250+ Solitaire Collection v4.15.13 Mod Premium

250+ Solitaire Collection Apk info

250+ Solitaire Collection – solitaire collection for Android, which includes more than two hundred card games. This app will help you find Asians to their liking. In addition to opportunities to try a huge number of similar games, the user will also be able to change the rules several types of solitaire, which has a handy editor. In the case of ignorance of the rules here you can see the demo version, which will help to understand all the nuances. There is several kinds of shirts for cards and layouts of the playing field.


Optimization and bug fixing

MOD Info

Premium/AdFree Unlocked


Air Scramble Interceptor Fighter Jets v1.9.1.1 Mod

Air Scramble Interceptor Fighter Jets v1.9.1.1 Mod Unlimited Money


Start a battle in the war with the enemies controlling the aircraft carrier, destroy enemy buildings, equipment and other aircraft right in the air. You must be ready to fight enemies, first spot enemy planes or other equipment on your radar and destroy them using the arsenal of weapons you have on the plane like bombs, rockets, machine guns.

About Air Scramble: Interceptor Fighter Jets

Flying across the sky is a dream for many of us. But flying a real plane requires a lot of filters and control over the plane. But through the use of new technology, it somewhat resembled airplane flight simulators.

In modern wars, the use of air forces is an integral part of fighting and attacking the enemy. But the use of air force and air conditioning can also be used by the enemy against us.

For a quick confrontation with such threats, fighter jets and pilots are always ready to respond quickly and appropriately. The term flight also refers to such flights.

The game being played by the gaming group. In this game (Air Scramble) you can experience different missions, remote targets and hand-to-hand combat.


* The game includes quick reaction flights

* Fight with enemy fighter planes

* Conflict with enemy air defenses

* Air fuel, meet and quick settlement to continue operations

* Growing combat and military weapons

What's new

+ Small fixes.


#DRIVE v2.2.36 Mod, Unlimited Money

#DRIVE / Description

#DRIVE is an endless driving videogame inspired by road and action movies from 1970s. As simple as possible allowing the player to pick a car pick the place and just hit the road. Just be aware not to hit anything else.

No matter where we drive no matter what we drive or how fast we drive. We simply chose to drive. And you?

What's New in v2.2.36 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Der Pudel car added


8 Ball Pool v5.6.7 Mod Mega


8 Ball Pool - One of the most popular desktop billiards on the Android device. In this game, you play online against real players from all over the world. Honor your skills in battles or in training and win over all your rivals. Also upgrade and buy a variety of cues to suit your tastes.


Hone your skills in the practice arena, compete against the world in 1v1 matches, or enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues!


Customize your cue and table! Pool coins are at stake in every competitive 1v1 match you play - win the match and the coins are yours. You can use these to join higher tier, higher stakes games or buy new items in the pool shop.


Playing with friends is very simple: log in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you can challenge your friends directly in the game. Challenge friends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills.


8 Ball Pool's level system means you'll always have a challenge. Play matches to increase your ranking and gain access to more exclusive match locations where you only play against the best pool players.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk

No application comes out with uniqueness, or in other words, there is always something that makes a difference between two similar products from different developers.

People just need to find those differences and opt for one option that suits their needs better than the other. 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk focuses on the following features:

* Unlimited Resources: One of the best features of the game is that the game allows players to have as much money, i.e. H. Coins to earn as you like. They have various sources to gain rewards and assert their superiority over others.

* Control over computer controlled players: While competing with the bot (computer), players can easily find ways to show their skills and defeat the other player.

* Room to progress: As players start making money, they can easily level up, improving their skills and learning more to claim top positions.

* Claim Achievements: As players update their profile, more objectives and achievements will be unlocked to make their experience more fun and long-lasting.

* Fun with Friends: If gamers want to have some fun with their friends, 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk for Android would be an ideal platform as it allows them to connect with whomever they want. You can connect to either Miniclip or a Facebook account to challenge the person/group of people.

* Free: Unlike some apps, 8 Ball Pool is free to download and play. With a few simple steps, players can install it on their smartphones and start playing right away.

Minimum requirements for 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk

Just like other games, Miniclip didn't have any special requirements for the players. Since their goal is to make the gaming experience enjoyable and effortless, there are no restrictions or limitations to abide by. However, some obvious aspects are:

* Android phone

* Internet connection

* Similarity to 8 Ball Pool Apk (which is actually crucial for the player to decide to install the app)

How to play 8 Ball Pool on PC?

When it comes to download 8 Ball Pool for PC, the approach is the same as for an Android phone. The only difference is that people need to visit Google Play Store and search for the latest version of 8 Ball Pool by Mod Apk.

Can 8 Ball Pool be played offline?

It can be played offline, but players couldn't compete with their friends or anyone of their choosing as this feature requires an internet connection to send invites.

Can 8 Ball Pool play on iOS?

Yes, there is also an app for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store. You can download it from there immediately.

Does 8 ball pool use a lot of data?

No, it's a fairly simple game and only requires some basic information from the players.

Why does 8 Ball Pool keep crashing or not working?

The problems arise either due to a third-party 8 Ball Pool hack or due to some software issues that require immediate developer attention. Players must make sure to report unusual things to them so that they can check them out from their side and solve them accordingly.


* Refine your skills in the practice arena, compete against the world in 1-on-1 games, or take part in tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues!

* Customize your keyword and your table! Pool coins are at stake in every competitive 1v1 game you play - you win the game and the Coins are yours.

* Playing friends is easy: log in with your Miniclip or Facebook account, and you can challenge your friends right from the game.

* 8 Ball Pool's level system means you are always facing a challenge.


After reading this review, it would be pretty clear that Mod Apk cares about its users and hence always strives to provide something better and improved in one way or another.

The only thing they should pay attention to is to visit the trusted and reliable platform to have 8 Ball Pool for their PCs. Yes, as far as smartphones are concerned, they have the Play Store, which has always kept bad things away from users and has worked on its promise of offering better and quality apps.

If something goes wrong and operation needs to be blocked, players are advised to just wait for some time, as Miniclip will respect their feelings and would work harder to release 8 Ball Pool once everything is back to normal.

What's new

* Also, we’ve made some tweaks and improvements and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment!


Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00.0024 Mod Unlimited Money

Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00.0024 Mod Unlimited Money

Airport Simulator Tycoon Mod Apk allows you to use your physical abilities and knowledge to design a macro airport. You are the airport director, and now you have to expand the airport system and upgrade them to be modern.

Airport Simulator Tycoon assigned to you in this responsibility is really great, and you will find it difficult a lot. But this tactical game is awe-inspiring, and players will see that you deserve the task. You will be a talented director; you are in the field of construction and effective airport management. Players will have to understand the new requirements and then deploy the mission execution plan to achieve the best effect.


First, you must know your main role as an airport director in Airport Simulator Tycoon. Players will demonstrate their abilities as well as special skills to receive unique construction projects. You must proceed to make a specific construction plan, and that is why you can execute it flawlessly. Your plan must incorporate new elements as well as modern upgrades to suit the requirements of others.


After you have worked out the description of the construction plan, you should also state the basic building principles. The point worth noting is to apply both physics in this construction to meet the significant requirements that the game sets forth. It would help if you also used a series of modern machinery and equipment for this construction. If you have other exceptional circumstances, you can immediately use the urgent support feature to solve the problem.


You also have to pay a lot of attention to the close connection with the infrastructure to ensure the development of the airport. After you have completed the construction, the acceptance party will directly come and check all your work. If there are some non-conforming places, you must proceed to dismantle and redo them immediately. You will get even bigger contracts in Airport Simulator Tycoon, and because of that, you will get valuable rewards right in those projects.


Become a prestigious director, receive the big project proposed by the game, and plan the construction in a new and unique way.

Perform a 3D simulation of a modern airport in accordance with the set criteria and submit it to superiors for censorship.

Apply building rules as well as notes so that construction can go better than ever.

You have to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, and you also have to be closely linked to the airport infrastructure.

Sign more significant contracts with more modern airports and get a big profit after finishing this golden project.


increase when using


Armed Heist v2.4.23 Mod + OBB Menu Immortality, No Recoil

Armed Heist v2.4.23 Mod + OBB Menu Immortality, No Recoil Mod 1

Armed Heist v2.4.23 Mod + OBB Menu Immortality, No Recoil Mod 2

It’s time to work in Armed Heist Mod APK, the adrenaline-pumping third-person shooter! Your bank robbery spree will test your reflexes. Robbery of banks and armored vehicles has never been more exciting.

Armed Heist: Shooting gun game is a series of sacred action games about the shooting. When you join this world, you will transform into a highly professional bank robber, where the shooting talent in you is aroused. Here, you will have to perform harsh battles as well as various challenges such as driving an armored vehicle and robbing a bank… And the application will prepare you with the necessary skills, such as rob, shoot, and dodge the bullets that come suddenly. For ease of use, this software has updated the payment SDK feature.


If you want to practice your shooting skills, Armed Heist will help you do that. Here, you can both train and have fun while taking on professional challenges to become a hero in the shooting village. This brutal world will provide you with a weapon system, and the player can customize or transform the guns. After that, you will have to go into the banks yourself, using the skills you have learned to complete the mission. Win or lose, depending on how you handle the situation and how talented you are. If you succeed, you will win money, gold and receive many attractive rewards from the application.


In the Armed Heist battlefield, the player must become a cruel thug who always has to think of all the plans to become the most formidable bank robbers that make everyone afraid. To do that, you must always be the first to fire the shots, kill many enemies, and go to large banks to earn a lot of money. Otherwise, you will be the first out because of the scary shots coming from the police or those who always follow the righteous path.


Prepare everything carefully because Armed Heist will be a combination of many different types of spaces and challenges. Each bank robbery mission will be installed with many unexpected traits that will depend on your level and skill with guns. For example, your shooting skills are still weak, and it will put you in a simple space or bank with few employees, lax security. If the skill of using a gun is at a super level, the application will automatically install into a space with a complex layout with police officers. That makes you maximize your ability, which is also an opportunity for players to hone their own talents.


In the world of Armed Heist, participants will be able to customize their own outfits. You can replace external items such as masks, bulletproof vests, and different outfits.

In addition, the application also incorporates high-quality 3D images and immersive gameplay. It is promising to bring you vivid, attractive images that make this application an extreme action movie.


In the world of games, this game is one of the third-person shooter series that maximizes the stimulation of all the player’s advantages. It will automatically set the camera to revolve around the character you have chosen to fight when fighting. Make the action during combat become realistic and dynamic, making the user feel like performing a bank robbery and shooting in real life. Let’s go take on that challenge.

MOD Info




No recoil




Basketball Stars Multiplayer v1.37.1 Mod Fast Level Up

Descriptions :

Basketball Stars ( Fast Level Up) : Take part in the worldwide basketball tournament game Basketball Stars. To run and play in this game you need an Internet connection, dexterity and luck, because in front of you are real competitors who spend hours honing their free throw skills on different basketball courts.

Beautiful characters, impressive and attractive 3D modeling

No new theme, no new gameplay compared to basketball games currently available on different platforms. But Basketball Stars has their own way of standing out from the crowd. Experts judge the game as deep, detailed graphics and meticulous 3D graphics. Seen most clearly by the clean lines on each player's face, the six pack muscles and action are very smooth and look quite like real people.

And in particular, the development of Basketball Stars is now highlighted by Miniclip as "only for smartphones", since the competition on this platform is still quite small. There aren't too many sports games, especially specializing in basketball. This is considered a smart move and has helped basketball stars quickly establish a solid position.

Choose your team's outfit

The first task that everyone is very interested in is choosing a team and equipping them with some basic items. Dressing up to be worthy of being a basketball player in the future is something to think about, but if it's not easy to be flashy or boring, it will lose interest. You can see that various items including costumes, accessories, and professional basketball "tools" in this section are blurred or starred, which means you need to earn points to buy gold to trade.

Regarding gold, I should write a few lines of note. The Basketball Stars game uses two main types of funds: cash and bullion. Gold is used to gain experience points and level up players. And the money is used to buy rare items like the ones I just mentioned. The more money you have, the more skills you will have and be available in more tournaments and competitions. And when it comes to the right level, a chance to confront or challenge the world's best players (names and looks are based on real characters). Winning it will be an extremely glorious title and a mountain of cash to keep fighting in other tournaments.

How to play?

Basketball Stars is even more prominent in gameplay than games of the same field. The game has two ways of playing options according to each person's preference: one is attack defense, the other is shooting race. Attack-defense is the standard way to play basketball. The player keeps running around the field, winning the ball, throwing the ball and getting the ball, and then winning again and so on, until one of the teams reaches the maximum score first before the round ends.

In Shooter Race mode, the way to play and move is the same as above, except each match has a specific time. When the time is up, the team with more points wins.

I'm not a fan of sports games, but when I try to play, I have to admit that Basketball Stars is quite attractive. The strongest impression, as just mentioned, definitely comes from the graphics and creative gameplay that only this game has, unlike the basketball games I've known before.

Features :

Simple gameplay but takes time to master

First of all, Basketball Stars is relatively easy to play thanks to the intuitive controls. Other than that, the game consists of only a few control options, allowing you to move your characters, perform tricks, and more. However, the game takes time to master and you probably won't get it out of your head after a while. But once you have done this, you can have a lot of fun playing the game with experienced online players.

Customize your basketball players as you like

Let your basketball players be fully customizable with Basketball Stars. Choose your preferred genders, choose the appropriate physics for your players. Choose between different hairstyles and give them amazing facial hair. Outfit them in all sorts of awesome clothes and gear. Choose from over 400 customization items and create thousands of amazing looks for your basketball players. Furthermore, the game offers over 40 different types of basketballs for you to choose from.

Realistic and exciting head-to-head basketball games

Take part in exciting basketball games where you can test your skills against the best players from around the world. Use the simple techniques like dribbling, fencing, shooting, stealing, blocking and more to gain advantages over your opponents. And when the time comes, you can unleash powerful shots across the net.

Unleash your potential and empower your players

And to make your players more powerful, you can also take advantage of many available upgrade options. Apart from that, you can choose from hundreds of unique items to outfit your characters with. They will greatly improve your characters' stats and make them more powerful during games.

Slowly but steadily climb the ladder of glory

Make progress in the game by pitting your characters against the exciting underdog courts. Win against your opponents and earn your place on the leaderboards. And at the same time you collect experiences with which you can level up your characters. With higher level and fame, you can unlock more exclusive places and compete with online players. Take part in higher ranking games and compete with the best players from all over the world. Earn valuable loot as you develop your powers and styles.

Explore exciting game modes

Players in Basketball Stars are unlikely to get bored thanks to the numerous game modifications that it offers. Spend your time exploring different basketball gameplays and win your matches in different styles.

Plenty of daily rewards and loot

Basketball Stars is one of the few games that rewards players generously. Apart from that, you can get a lot of rewards just by being relatively active. Collect daily rewards, complete missions, collect valuable loot and more. There are many different ways to make money at Basketball Stars.

Play for free

For those wondering, yes, Basketball Stars is a free game. And it's very easy for you to install the game on your Android devices. Still, some of you might find the in-app purchase that is common in these games quite annoying as it slows down your progress quite a bit.

Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

However, if you want to have a totally free basketball experience, our Basketball Star Mod APK is always ready. Download the file on your devices and follow our instructions to properly install it on your Android devices.

Then you can enjoy the unlimited gameplay without paying any fee. Make all kinds of in-app purchases you want and explore full gameplay.

What's new

â?¢ Collect Balls, upgrade them and unlock great rewards with Balls Collection!â?¢ Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements


Beach War Fight For Survival v0.1.1 Mod Unlimited Bullets

Description :

Beach War Fight For Survival - Enjoy this fantastic new strategy game from the famous Supercell as you embark on your ultimate journey to become the lord of the seas and islands. Build your base on an island with all sorts of different buildings. Protect your important facilities with towers and troops. And record epic raids against others.

Join millions of online players in Boom Beach as you immerse yourself in the endless and exciting adventures of the game. Set up your base on the island and have the buildings upgraded. Reinforce your defenses whenever you can, as the enemies will soon start attacking.


In the game, Android players have the opportunity to discover their epic journey into the vast ocean where they will fight against the forces of the evil Blackguard and banish these pirates from their hiding places. Build your own forces as you retake the seas from your enemies' hands. Bring peace and prosperity back to the islands once enslaved by these criminals.

You can also join millions of other players from all over the world in exciting raids and tower defense battles. Make use of the various units and buildings made available to you as you create impressive bases and powerful armies.


Players have to withstand the attacks of the enemies with modern and advanced weapon systems like MB78 tanks, CH53 Shercoskys attack helicopters, F101 jets etc. Battles with a diverse weapon system like M60 machine gun, Gattling, 75mm AT etc. Here you dive into that fiercest and most realistic battlefield ever. Get support from the bombing raids of the B58 bombers.

You must face the enemy's challenges and take part in a fierce and bloody battlefield. Combine your own agility with the weapon's rate of fire and size to destroy the enemy quickly and cleanly. Players need to become more flexible and use many skills such as spotting and fighting, using the enemy's loopholes to attack, and experience the endless dramatic battle.


Before you join the fight, you are equipped with everything. The game offers players a super realistic combat environment, realistic and vivid 3D graphics. Describe in detail from materials, images, lighting to the in-game collision sounds.

Unlike other shooting games, Beach War is totally free and has highlight capacity without affecting other functions in your device.

Destroy many enemies and collect significant amount of money and gold, assist players to upgrade weapon skills and characteristics to increase win rate higher and higher.

Beach War brings tons of difficult challenges waiting for players to conquer. With unique and varied gameplay, players must face big, stormy attacks. Download now and fight.

Play for free

And despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers. Other than that, you can easily install it on your mobile devices. Just download the game from Google Play Store without paying anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, since the game is still a freemium title, you still have to deal with multiple ads and in-app purchases. So if you find this bothersome, our modified version of the game might be more interesting. Other than that, it offers unlimited money, so you can freely buy whatever you want and have the ads removed completely, so you won't be bothered by them. And all you have to do is download and install Boom Beach Mod APK from our website instead.

Features :

* Weapons range from 50mm machine guns to heat rockets

* More than 50 types of main battle tanks

* Hundreds of WWII fighter planes, ships, guns, drones and other war vehicles

* You will receive support strikes from B58 bombers

* Gun reality (M60 machine guns, 75mm AT, Gattling...)

* System of enemy weapons, including MB78 tanks, Fuchs APC with turrets and rocket launchers, Cobra attack helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 jet and C-130 Hercules transport aircraft...

What's new

+ Changed main menu interface + Added some locations to notify users about advertising + Fixed bug version 0.1.0 + New gun discount offers + Various improvements and more...!


Benji Bananas v1.46 Mod Unlimited Bananas

Description :

Benji Bananas - A very fun and interesting game in which you fall into the heart of the jungle. Play as a monkey and collect as many bananas as you can, swing on the vines and do whatever it takes to collect all the goodies. The game won't let you get bored for a second, as there are more than 100 unique and very fascinating levels in the game that you just won't get into. Make sure your monkey doesn't fall, invite friends and compete to collect more yellow candy.


A new baby is born into a happy monkey family and the jungle is now waiting for him to explore. Our new monkey Benji is being taught by his father how to swing through the jungle with vines. And you must help him to complete many challenges in the game and become the true master of the jungle while freely traveling through the forests with your skilled handling of the vines.

Guide Benji through a series of exciting in-game levels that will introduce you to many amazing challenges with escalating gameplay. Enjoy traveling through the beautiful jungle to practice your swing and collect lots of interesting rewards along the way. Have fun working with the realistic game physics and fun obstacles to always keep your interest.

Make progress in the game and unlock many fascinating features in the game that will ensure you are completely satisfied with the incredible gameplay.

How to play Benji Bananas?

Benji runs forward, and every time you hold your finger on the screen, he automatically swings at the nearest rope. When you release your hand, the monkey will fly to a certain height based on how long you hold the screen. The laws of physics are still used in the game, for example if you let Benji fly high and then wait until it is very low to swing the rope, it will fly quite a distance from normal.

Benji Bananas MOD APK Gameplay

If Benji falls to the ground, Benji will pass out, and you must complete the game. So keep Benji up as long as possible!

Explore the forest

On his adventure path, Benji will experience countless different terrains, along with famous landmarks such as Mayan temple ruins, Niagara Falls or the Amazon jungle,... Benji will also face difficult challenges when evil animals are always lurking to get him into dangerous situations. Always be on guard to help Benji avoid these dangers!

Improve Benji's power

During the journey, players need to collect lots of bananas to improve Benji's power. There are many skills you can improve such as: For example, putting on a suit for the monkey, so it can fly longer in the sky, or improving its jumping ability, so Benji can fly faster and higher with each jump. In addition to these permanent upgrades, players can choose from one-time abilities, including:

* Headstart: A gorilla, Benji's friend, will help him with the movement speed booster in the early game.

* Tiger Smack: Hit a tiger before it attacks Benji. This ability allows Benji to jump right in without fear of being eaten by the tiger.

* Snake Oil: If Benji accidentally gets it wrong with... a snake, this ability prevents him from slipping and still jumping like normal.

* Extra lives: Benji will keep getting up and running after falling.

* Rocket Boost: Every time a new level starts, Benji is thrown forward by a rocket.


Features :

* Beautiful hand drawn graphics

* Fun physics-based gameplay (swing a monkey along ropes to advance)

* Make your run through different landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungle)

* Collect fruits like bananas and chillies to get more upgrades

* Unlock special powers like Jetpack, Chili Speed Boost and Eagle Ride

* Dress your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)

* Different types of ropes (vines, snakes, flaming ropes, etc.)



Call of Duty Mobile Mod v1.0.30 MOD Menu


Nowadays, gaming has reached a damn high-end generation with advanced Graphics, advanced assets, and complete AI automated systems. Online games are damn beneficial since we learn strategy making by these games as we get real guys in front as rivals right now in the place of those AI-built, computer players. Well, there are various games developed for providing completely online multiplayer experiences such as Ludo King, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, PUBG Lite, FreeFire, and much more. Today we’re gathered here to discuss Activision’s recent creation – COD Mobile. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with every single piece of information about the COD Mobile game, as well as its features and statistics.

Activision is one of the most excellent video game publishing companies based in Santa Monica, California. Till now, it has published over 100 games from which there are over 20 shooting games. Call Of Duty series is the best series ever created by Activision. It was started with Call Of Duty 1, and right now, the Call Of Duty is evolved to its damn high-tech version Call of Duty Modern Warfare 5. Moreover, The COD series also has published one of its masterpieces for android smartphones – COD Mobile. You can now play the exceptional COD game directly by your small android device, and you don’t need any big console for playing high-tech shooting games from now.

COD Mobile is one of the best creations of Activision’s COD series. Here in this game, you’ll receive almost all the famous and every time favorite maps such as Hijacked, Standoff, Rust, Killhouse, and much more. Moreover, this masterpiece also contains a variety of armory from melee to throwables. Also, tremendous new weapons have been updated to this gigantic game such as Cordite, Razorback, Pharo, KRM 262, Man-O-War, etc.

Excepting features and armory, The COD Mobile is full of distinct entertaining modes. If we calculate total modes in the game, it contains over 20 different modes, and still, COD Mobile is updating distinct styles regularly in this game. With the COD Mobile game, you can experience the ditto same all the Free-For-All, Multiplayer, Search and Destroy, and Domination mode like the big console COD Black OPS 2 games. Almost everything is perfect in this game, either if we talk about graphics, sound codec, armory, mode varieties, exceptional maps, etc. If you haven’t played this game yet, then you must download it and experience it from your point of view, it’ll definitely amaze you.

Call Of Duty evolution

Video Games are changing the world in enormous ways as they are enhancing various qualities in Youth nowadays. Video games are a ubiquitous part of almost all children’s and teenagers’ lives. About 60 to 70% of India’s population are teenagers and play games to kill their time and grow immense skills. Activision is one of the best game publishing companies globally, and the Call of Duty series is one of its best creations. It was started in 2003 with the Call Of Duty 1 with essential graphics quality, immersive sound quality, and a perfect storyline. But right now, the COD series has grown up to the COD Mobile, which will provide you with the same gaming experience as the big gaming consoles worth thousands of rupees directly on your smartphone. COD Mobile is the most updated part of the COD series with exceptional maps and rare armory.

COD Mobile

The technology of gaming is getting advanced and has changed dramatically in the last decade, and has become further complex, diverse, realistic, and social. COD Mobile is one of the most rapid-growing games in the android gaming industry. Since COD Mobile conquered over 250,000,000 downloads in just 265 days whereas the PUBG Mobile took about a year in overcoming this tremendous number of downloads. COD Mobile was also awarded as the fastest growing Android and iOS game on the Play Store and the App Store. If we look at the Google Play Store right now, COD Mobile has conquered over 100,000,000 downloads and over 10,000,000 positive reviews. This online shooting game is ranked as the #4 top-grossing action and shooter game.

This game primarily contains two types of virtual currencies – Credit coins that can comfortably be earned by completing missions, and CPs which can’t be obtained by completing missions since you need to spend money to buy them. Basically, this game provides you with two primary game modes – Multiplayer and Battle Royale. There are over 20 different sub-modes available in the Multiplayer mode of COD Mobile, whereas Battle Royale only contains one sub-mode containing a single map. For more info about styles, below we’ve listed different modes available in the COD Mobile game –


Core – Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Free For All

Featured – Shipment, Core Map Collection, Secondary School, Spawn Trap

Practice – Training Mode, Practice VS AI

Battle Royale

Classic(TPP/FPP) – Solo, Duo or Squad

The updates in this game are based on its seasons as whenever new season arrives, and it brings enormous distinct armory, modes, and events with it. Till now, COD Mobile has completed eight seasons in just eight months, and right now, Season 9 is going on with the Conquest theme holding most of the exceptional outfits and armory skins well as a rare character – NIKTO – STRONGHOLD.

COD Battle Pass

If you already have played any other online battle royale game on an android device, then you must know about the season-to-season subscribed battle passes. As like that of Royale Pass in PUBG and Elite Pass in Free Fire, COD also holds the season subscription Battle Pass which basically comes in two variants –

Premium Pass – Premium Pass can provide you with all the rewards available per season and, these rewards also contain the number of CPs you spent in it. Moreover, this premium pass upgrades every single season, and for earning all the CPs per season, you’ve to play extraordinary and complete all the missions provided in the game. Basically, this pass costs 220CP, which is equivalent to 220.00 INR.

Premium Pass Plus – Premium Pass Plus contains all the same rewards and features as the Premium Pass, but you’ll get few additional features here in this variant. By purchasing the PremiumPass Plus, you can directly skip 12 Tiers and start from the 13th tier, which makes it easier to complete missions and earn most of the rewards at the starting of the season.


Right now, we’re in the online gaming era since most of the games publishing right now is online. If you’re a Shooting game freak and like playing online shooting games with all the real players, you must download COD Mobile. Since it holds the ditto same assets as the big COD games such as Black Ops, Modern Warfare, etc. There are tremendous features available in the COD Mobile from which, we’ve listed a few below –

Superior Graphics

Graphics and the game quality are the main factors on which an android game depends since the smartphone is a multitasking device to make every task immersive, and if you’re playing games on it, then the graphics must have to be unusual. This game will provide you with a console-type graphic experience right on your Android Smartphone. So the COD Mobile provides you with five quality graphics from low to very high, by which you can choose the desired one as per your phone specs.

Exceptional Variety of Maps

If you ever have played any COD game earlier, then you can easily imagine the variety of maps that their advanced and the most updated version COD Mobile owns. COD contains over 20 in-game maps in which you will get most of the well-liked maps such as Standoff, Hijacked, Crash, Rust, and much more, as well as various newly updated maps such as SHIPMENT 1944, Cage, Summit, and more exceptional areas.

Variety of Modes

Since no one wants to play a single-mode every time even if it’s the most liked battle-royale mode. So the COD will also fulfill your requirement for modes. Since in about every single online shooting game, you can only get a maximum of ten modes containing the battle-royale mode whereas, the COD mobile will provide you with over 20 different modes containing the battle royale mode.

Unusual Armoury

In our opinion, no one can replace COD games in terms of armory and modes. Since in every COD series game, you will get an exceptional variety of arsenal containing almost all the new-gen guns, armors, and other assets. Here the COD Mobile will provide you with enormous weapons and as well as endless styles and skins of firearms. Here in this game, you’ll receive over ten assault rifles, five LMGs, ten SMGs, five shotguns, six snipers, and one Marksman rifle, and as it’s an online game so they will definitely update advanced weapons with new updates.


Online gaming is extending hands towards friendship and finding new friends since while you play online, you’ll get enormous different guys from different regions so that you can make them friends, and they’ll really be worth you. COD Mobile is the best online shooting game ever developed for android devices as like any other COD series shooting game. Even if we compare it with the most prominent competitor PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile will conquer in terms of graphics, armory collection, maps collection, comfortability, and almost every single factor. Moreover, you can also sign in to this game with Facebook and Twitter and can play with friends who’re already there on COD Mobile. So download COD Mobile right now and start the journey of one of the world’s best online shooting games. Enjoy it.

MOD info

• Mod Menu

• Unlimited Money

• Unlimited CP

• Aimbot


Candy Crush Saga v1.223.1.1 Mod1, Mod2 & Mod3

All files in a .rar file

Candy Crush Saga v1.223.1.1 Mod Unlimited MovesLives Unlocked Level

If you want to entertain and relax with beautiful and exciting puzzles, look to Candy Crush Saga. This is a famous game, and many people love it because it will give players unique and new levels. Players will feel joy and less fatigue after solving all the game screens that this game brings.


Coming to this game, you will have to complete each level wholly and excellently, achieving the goal that the game gives you. Players have the right to arrange and switch the candy and fruit chains so that they are in the same row, and then you will get them. Try to organize and edit so that the candy and the food in the game screen can be in the same row; as long as there are three in the same row, you will have a chance to harvest them. After gathering the number of candies that the game requires, you have passed the game screen. Therefore, you should think carefully before giving the gameplay to be able to get the most food!


After each completion of the game requirements, you will have the opportunity to level up and enter a new door. Each door will have a new challenge waiting for you to come to join. You will be once again expressing yourself and completing the task with ease. Depending on the level, the higher the story, the more complex the game will be. Therefore, you should prepare mentally when participating in higher-level groups, so you will be less surprised and overwhelmed by its difficulty. Each person will have a different way of playing and a different level of knowledge, so their way of conquering the game will also be very diverse. The remarkable thing is that if you solve the puzzle thoughtfully and intelligently, a swap step that can make the horizontal and vertical lines coincide, the game will give you a gorgeous rainbow waterfall with a sweet candy combo.


In playing Candy Crush Saga, players will face many different difficulties and challenges through each level. To overcome challenges and fulfill the game’s requirements, you must have a plan and the right strategy. That’s how easy it is to conquer these brain-hacking levels. Be an innovative and agile player, know how to handle unexpected situations quickly and accurately.


Candy Crush Saga always provides and gives players challenges and thousands of levels full of mystery. Each group will have a separate game screen, and players can conquer the minor class to the higher level. The puzzles are incredibly new, full of mysteries, and make players have to move their minds to think and research. Not only that, each case will have extraordinary things for players, countless unexpected situations that make players very surprised and excited. If you want to explore and see what those mysteries are, then join the play!


After participating in Candy Crush Saga, players will have the opportunity to relax after a stressful and stressful working day. They will absorb an additional source of reliable energy that this game brings. It helps players have more fun and love life. In addition, you can play this game to kill time while waiting for the bus, for example. Besides, thanks to these levels, you have learned more puzzle experience and improved your new knowledge.


Coming to this game, players can participate in playing it in two forms: online and offline. For offline mode, when your phone is not connected to the Internet or Wifi networks, you can still play it comfortably and freely. This is exceptionally convenient and reasonable, and many players have been extremely fond of this feature. Not only that, this is a free game. Players will not need to spend money to buy expensive copyrights. But still have the right to play entertainment freely and without limit to the screen.


This game is for all ages, and you can be children, students, students, or company employees, even the elderly. As long as they have the ability and they want to explore and experience, they have the opportunity to download and play as usual. Get your kids involved in games like this, so they’re more agile and active in everyday situations.

Run the game and play only without the Internet!

MOD Info?


Unlock All Levels/Episodes


All stages unlocked

Lives don’t decrease

Unlimited boosters



100 + Moves

Infinite Lives.

Unlock All levels. “Mod Menu”

Unlock all Episodes. “Mod Menu”

Infinite Boosters. “Mod Menu”

Bomb Counter 99


Car Stunt Races v3.0.12 Mod Unlimited Money Unlocked

Car Stunt Races:

Mega Ramps is a racing game developed by AxesInMotion Racing. For those who love speed and adventurous exploration, it is absolutely impossible to ignore this game. Currently available as the latest version 2.0.4, updated on November 21, 2021. Players participating in the game will experience the fascinating races’ great feeling, with beautiful obstacles, challenging players. The races will be created fiercely on the supercars of top drivers. All will bring players new feelings, excitement, and excitement.


GT Racing Car Stunts Driving – Mega Ramp Races is a 3D driving game designed with wild tracks. The player’s goal is to overcome all obstacles and overcome other opponents to reach the end of the path. Those are extremely tough races. Players use the steering wheel of supercars or sports couples to move beautifully on the track. The player’s task in each race is to overcome obstacles quickly and effectively.

There will be obstacles created on the tracks, such as wanderers, objects designed to perform tricks, and other loopholes. There’s also a soccer mode where you need to score a big soccer ball on that track’s big goal. When playing the game, you need to control driving on winding roads, steep racing, high racing, and strong driving skills to reach the finish successfully.


When you play a game on the device screen, positions will appear to guide you on the way and direction of control. The left side of the screen has navigation buttons to help you navigate. The right side has the gas pedal and brake to let you start and slow down. To overcome the game’s obstacles, you must use these controls to reach the finish line in the shortest time quickly. When you start playing, you only have one car in the garage. However, you can unlock more as you play and make more money. For each vehicle, there are distinct attributes.

This is a challenging game with hazardous racing on a steep slope. On GT Racing and your supercar, you just need to fasten your seat belt, hold the steering wheel and enjoy the driving feeling as it happens in reality. This car driving or supercar driving simulator will help you with basic skills for real driving. Besides, the game features thrilling, thrilling sky racing stunts suitable for those who love the ultimate racing simulator, creating engaging 3D races.


This game has outstanding features that can be mentioned, such as 3D graphics are extremely beautifully designed and modern. The racetracks are created to challenge, including jumping, racing, soccer, and even bowling. Also, there are your ears and car damage, just like in reality, the stunts are like parkour. This makes it more interesting and stimulates the player’s will to overcome the challenge and win.


The latest version has mod modes that you can experience, including Unlimited money mod; Mod all purchased vehicles; Requirements for car pumps have been reduced. Simultaneously, the smoothness has been upgraded, a modern car racing track with sharp vertical slopes. The player can also speed up the nitro to perform a speed boost for the vehicle.

If you are curious about the game’s appeal and want to participate in the racing to enjoy a variety of emotions, you can immediately download it on your mobile device. Through google play, you need to enter the game name and select download. If you do not have a mobile device, but you still want to experience the game on your computer, it’s simple, and you just need to install additional software that supports Bluestacks. The process will be a few minutes slower than a mobile device, but it’s also pretty quick and simple.

Thus, if you want to know their actions’ driving skills, how they quickly download games on your device to experience the exciting feeling! You will be an expert in the modern world of racing with super 3D design. I wish you successful game downloads and the best racing!

MOD Info

Unlimited Money

VIP Unlocked

No Ads


CardGames +online Mod v10.0 Unlocked

CardGames +online Apk info

CardGames +online – a collection of the most popular card games that you can play against the computer and against real opponents via Internet or Bluetooth. The user has the ability to play the “Fool”, “1000”, several varieties of poker, and to expand popular: Spider solitaire, Klondike, “Klondike”, etc. In online mode participants will confront each other at the same table or solitaire for a while. In addition here you have the option to change the style of the card deck, a card and a background image.


Parchis online:



Chess Clash of Kings v2.17.0 Mod

Chess Clash of Kings v2.17.0 Mod Unlimited Money + Unlocked

Description :

Chess Clash of Kings is a game that appeals to both those who want to learn chess and those who already know the rules and are looking for a suitable opponent. The spectrum of possibilities offers people of all abilities and age groups an excellent platform for fun and, above all, for the productive development of their logical thinking skills. There are bots with difficulty and online. In which the participants will be able to find an opponent in terms of level or more experience. So that his actions become a rich basis for the analysis and construction of ideal behavioral techniques in difficult situations that develop on the blackboard.

Features :

* The chess application is free

* It has 10 different levels of difficulty

* Hints are provided to indicate the most beneficial moves

* In the event of an error, you can use an undo option

* You can play chess online with your friend

* There are challenges with hundreds of chess puzzles and piles of gold to collect

What's new

* Moreover, to make our Chess even better, we have improved its stability.






Mod 2

Mod 1